Skåre Parish, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy

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Guide to Skåre, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Skåre Parish
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Len 1599-1660 Stavanger
Amt 1689-1919 1662-1682: Stavanger stiftamt,
1682-1919: Stavanger amt
Fylke 1919-Present Rogaland
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Prestegjeld Haugesund
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Tinglag Torvestad
Fogderi Ryfylke
Sorenskriveri Karmsund
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Church Records[edit | edit source]

Skåre kirke i Haugesund.jpg
  • Contain priest and sexton records from the parishes Haugesund and Skåre. They were separated from Torvastad clerical district in 1879. Torvastad records begin in 1753. These records are available on microfilm at the Family History Library.

  • Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Census Records[edit | edit source]

  • 1891: The 1891 census for Skåre is available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

  • 1900: The 1900 census for Skåre is available on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It contains the persons name, sex, whether resident or temporary resident, those absent from the parish and their location at the time of the census, position in the family, marital status, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information. Also available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

  • 1910: The 1910 census for Skåre is available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Court Records[edit | edit source]

Land Records[edit | edit source]

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

For 1666-1795 the probates are found in Ryfylke og Karmsund judicial district.
For 1793-1901 they are found in Karmsund judicial district.
1866-1883 probate records Haugesund City judicial district.
The clerical probates for 1692-1812 are found in Karmsund deanery.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Ryfylke og Karmsund judicial district
*1666-1795 Family History Library
*1666-1795 Digitalarkivet
*1666-1815 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name Digitalarkivet

Karmsund judicial district
*1793-1901 Family History Library
*1793-1901 Digitalarkivet.

Karmsund deanery
*1692-1812 Clerical probate records Family History Library
*1692-1812 Digitalarkivet.

Haugesund City judicial district
*1866-1883 Family History Library
*1867-1928 Digitalarkivet

Haugesund judicial district
*1865-1883 Digitalarkivet

Farm Book[edit | edit source]

Farm and family histories of Skåre parish, Rogaland county, Norway. Langhelle, Arne, "Gard og folk i Skåre," Haugesund: Haugesund kommune, 1999. 948.31/S14 H2g H2g 2 vols. FHL INTL Book

Contents: vol. 1. Gardane Vassbrekkå, Ørpetveit, Fedjedal, Tømmerdal, Skastad, Halseid, Kalland, Skokland, Storstein, Saltveit, Søra Vikse, Bakken, Støle, Hagland litle/austre, Hagland store/vestre, Bergstøl, Bleivik, Grønhidler, Førland, Årabrot, Tornes, Kvala, Steinsnes, Austrheim, Veste. -

vol. 2. Gardane Gardå, Røvær, Haugå, Grønhaug, Sørhaug, Litlasund, Saltveit (Øydegarden), Storasund, Hemmingstad, Rossabø, Sakkestad, Vibrandsøy, Hasseløy, Risøy.

Farm Names[edit | edit source]

20 Aarebrot, 24 Austreim

12 Bakken, 26 Beitene, 16 Bergstøl, 17 Bleiviken

3 Fedjedal, 19 Førland, 19 Førlandsvaag

26 Gar, 27 Gitterø, 29 Grønhaug, 18 Grønhiller

14 Hagland lille, 6 Halseid, 28 Hauge, 11 Haugen, 30 Heien, 34 Hemmingstad, 35 Hovaasen

7 Kalleland, 23 Kringle, 22 Kvale, 23 Kvernedalen, 23 Kverneneset

31 Lillesund, 26 Liveskaar

11 Moseskarhaugen, 35 Mæland

35 Rossebø, 27 Røvær

36 Sakkestad, 32 Saltveit, 10 Saltveit-Ødegaarden, 5 Skastad, 24 Skeisvold, 8 Skokland, 23 Steinsnes, 33 Storesund, 9 Storstein, 13 Støle, 30 Sørhaug

21 Tornes, 34 Træet, 4 Tømmerdal

1 Vasbrekken, 11 Vikse søndre, 25 Vistad

2 Ørpetveit

References[edit | edit source]

Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names