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Using Directories[edit | edit source]

Directories are alphabetical lists of names and addresses. They list information for the year they are published. They usually show the name of a person, his or her address, and occupation. Directories usually list the head of the household. Directories can also include information such as:

  • City maps
  • Indexes to streets
  • Addresses of churches or cemeteries

A person’s inclusion or omission in directories of successive years can show when he or she came to the city, left the city, or died. Knowing an individual’s address can help you search the census of a large city.

There are various types of directories:

Postal or commercial directories provide alphabetical lists of people living in an area, usually including those engaged in some kind of trade or profession.

  • Trade directories contain alphabetical lists of trades and professions and the people engaged in them.
  • Street directories have alphabetical lists of the principal streets and the people living there.
  • Court directories list the city officers, government officials, and "private" residents.
  • Directories can also provide addresses for societies, libraries, newspapers, and other organizations.
  • Church directories give information and addresses for dioceses, parishes, and congregations.

SINGAPORE DIRECTORIES[edit | edit source]

Additional years for Singapore directories are available at libraries through World Cat.