Schleswig-Holstein Taxation

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Amtsrechnungen[edit | edit source]

The Amt (administration) was the local collection office for taxes. The population of a Amtsbezirk (jurisdiction) was obliged to pay yearly contributions to their sovereign lords. In the official books of the Amt are entries about ordinary people and their position of life. When somebody's house burnt down because of war, he had to pay less tax. If people had done something wrong, they were given Brüche (fines) or they worked for the Amt and received wages. We meet people in Amtsrechungen who we find in brief entries of church books. Analyzing the records of the Amt will not only give us names of people but also allows us glimpes into the economical circumstances of a location and the surrounding area. Prices of goods and services become very clear.

The Amtsrechungen are available for almost all Ämterof Schleswig-Holstein (the Amt has been in existence since the 15th century) and are found in the Schleswig-Holstein Landesarchiv for the years 1600-1867. They are written in German Gothic handwriting (Kurrentschrift) and exist in tables.