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Probate Records

Probate in the Duchy of Schleswig [edit | edit source]

In 1683 Denmark established the “Danske Low” (law), in which also probate regulations were clarified. For instance, if all heirs were present, the probate could be handled without interference from an administration, otherwise the court, the “Skifteret” was involved. This court was connected to the “Amt” or nobility administration in rural areas. In cities the “Stadtvogt” became involved, while the “Hardesprobst” was included when a probate concerned ecclesiastical jurisdictions.

Even though the Duchy of Schleswig belonged in Personalunion to the Kingdom of Denmark, the Danske Low did not apply here, but the Jütische Low. This law was valid for some parts of the Duchy of Schleswig, while for other parts city or local laws applied.

These regulations make it very difficult to look for uniform information about probate in the Duchy of Schleswig. More about probate laws can be retrieved from Probate in the Duchy of Schleswig by Carl Esmarch.

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