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Denmark ruled all of Schleswig-Holstein, including Lübeck and parts of Hamburg and Oldenburg, until 1864. Denmark took several censuses of this area. The first census was made in 1769, and subsequent censuses were taken in 1803, 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855, 1860, and 1864.

Census of 1769 (only for the royal parts of the Duchies)

Census of 1803 (both Duchies)

Census of 1835 (both Duchies)

Census of 1840 (both Duchies and Lauenburg. Lauenburg census is missing)

Census of 1845 (both Duchies and Lauenburg)

Census of 1855 (both Duchies and Lauenburg)

Census of 1860 (both Duchies and Lauenburg. Lauenburg census is missing)

Census of 1864 (Duchy of Holstein and Lauenburg)

The censuses are written in either German or Danish, sometimes with both on the same page. The information contained in the censuses varies according to which year it was taken:

  • 1769. This census names the head of each household and the number of people in the house, grouped by age and sex. It did not take military personnel into account, neither will the researcher find information from estates, monestaries and the Gottorf areas. Most of these lists were lost.
  • 1803-1864. Censuses taken from 1803 to 1864 list each person's name, residence, position in the family, age, marital status, and occupation.
  • 1845 and later censuses. From 1845 on, each census also lists birthplace, the parish of the birthplace, and the length of residency at the census place.

The original records are in different archives today. The 1769 census information is in different local archives. The records for the 1803, 1860 (Holstein), and 1864 are in the State Archive Schleswig-Holstein. The originals of other censuses are in the State Archive Copenhagen.

It is often difficult to determine which village belongs to what census district. A good source to find jurisdictions are the two volumes v. Schröder and Biernatzki published: "Topographie des Herzogthums Schleswig" (1854) and "Topographie der Herzogthümer Holstein und Lauenburg" (1855) which can also be found online

Censuses are microfilmed but not indexed. They are arranged by district and city. These census records are listed in the Place Search of the Family History Library Catalog under:


There are efforts underway to extract census records from Schleswig-Holstein. The results can be searched online at or and for the 1803 census for the Duchy of Schleswig.

Some indexes are available online at:

and as well as for the 1803 census for the Duchy of Schleswig.

The Family History Library also has census records from other German states, notably Mecklenburg-Schwerin and portions of Hannover.  These are listed in the Place Search of the catalog under:



Searching Census Records[edit | edit source]

When searching census records, remember the following:

  • Information may be incorrect.
  • The ages listed may not be correct.
  • A given name may not be the same as the name used in vital records.
  • Names may be spelled as they sound.
  • Place-names may be misspelled.
  • Some parts of the census may be illegible.
  • If the family is not at the expected location, you should search the surrounding area.

To understand what is being asked for in Schleswig-Holstein censuses see the three examples below: