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Sometimes reading a name in a record can be challenging. Other times you can read the name but may not be sure of the gender (based on the name alone). In the 1980s the Genealogical Society of Utah published Scandinavian Records Extraction: An Instructional Guide, which included a list of 4,562 Nordic given names. Each given name has either female or male in the adjacent column to indicate the gender associated with that name. Below is a copy of that list and names which have been added as they have been found in the records. Because it is a long list, you should to use the Ctrl-F Find function to quickly locate the section you need.


Name Sex
Aabraham male
Aad male
Aadluv female
Aadolf male
Aadru female
Aage male
Aagne male
Aagot female
Aagote female
Aake male
Aalbjønn male
Aalmo male
Aamund male
Aane male
Aanen male
Aanon male
Aanond male
Aanund male
Aapel male
Aapo male
Aappo male
Aarlaug female
Aarstein male
Aasa female
Aase female
Aasel female
Aashild female
Aasilda female
Aasille female
Aaslaug female
Aasle female
Aaslu female
Aasne female
Aasni female
Aasny female
Aasol male
Aasta female
Aaste female
Aasuld male
Aasulv male
Aasvald male
Aatta male
Aattar male
Aatami male
Aatto male
Aavold male
Abbi (see Ambi) male
Abel male
Abelone female
Abichel female
Abigael female
Abigail female
Abjørg female
Abjørn male
Abraham male
Abram male
Absalon male
Ada female
Adalbert male
Adalvard male
Adam male
Adamina female
Adela female
Adelheid female
Adelheit female
Adelina female
Adelus male
Aði male
Adils male
Adis female
Adlov female
Adna male
Adne male
Adolf male
Adolfina female
Adolph male
Adriana female
Adser male
Aeven male
Aff female
Afrid (Afrið) female
Afse male
Agad male
Agata female
Agate female
Agda female
Age male
Aggrim male
Agina female
Agmund male
Agmmund male
Agna female
Agnar male
Agne male
Agne female
Agnes female
Agneta female
Agnete female
Agni male
Agunn female
Agvald male
Ahf female
Ahli female
Aina female
Ajnes female
Ake male
Aki male
Aksel male
Alarik male
Albanus male
Albert male
Albertina female
Albin male
Albina female
Albinus male
Albjorn (see Olbjorn) male
Alda female
Aldis female
Ale male
Aleiv male
Ales female
Alet female
Aleth female
Alette female
Alexander male
Alexandra female
Alf male
Alfgot male
Alfhild female
Alfred male
Alfrida female
Alfvin male
Algot male
Algut male
Alis female
Alit female
Alle male
Alloug female
Alma female
Almar male
Almgeir male
Almgerd female
Almstein male
Almund male
Almveig female
Alov female
Alrik male
Alrika female
Alsine female
Alt male
Alv male
Alva female
Alvar male
Alvaren male
Alvdis female
Alver male
Alvfinn male
Alvfinna female
Alvfrid female
Alvgaut male
Alvgaute male
Alvgeir male
Alvgerd female
Alvgils male
Alvgrim male
Alvheid female
Alvhild female
Alvild female
Alvilda female
Alvin male
Alvina female
Alvkell male
Alvlaug male
Alvlaug female
Alvleiv female
Alvljot male
Alvmod male
Alvny female
Alvrek male
Alvrun female
Alvtjov male
Alvvor female
Amalia female
Amanda female
Amandus male
Amba female
Ambe male
Ambern male
Ambi male
Ambjør female
Ambjørg female
Ambjørn male
Ambjörn male
Amborg female
Ambrosius male
Ammund male
Amos male
Amund male
Amunde male
An male
Ana female
Ananias male
Anar male
Anbjønn male
Anbjør female
Anbjørg female
Andbjørn male
Andbjörn male
Anders male
Andi female
Andor male
Andora female
Andrea female
Andreas male
Andrietta female
Andrine female
Andris male
Ane male
Ane female
Aneus male
Anfast male
Anfinn male
Anfred male
Anfri female
Angrim male
Angunna female
Anicka female
Anika female
Anike female
Anja female
Anløv male
Ann female
Anna female
Annabrita female
Annagreta female
Annakajsa female
Annalena female
Annalisa female
Annamaja female
Annanias male
Annastina female
Anne female
Anni female
Annicka female
Annicken female
Annik female
Annika female
Annikki female
Annille female
Annvor female
Anny female
Anon male
Ansgar male
Ansgaria female
Anshelm male
Ansten male
Ante male
Antero male
Anton male
Antonia female
Antonius male
Antrei male
Antti male
Anttu male
Antun male
Anulf male
Anun male
Anund male
Anve male
Anver male
Appelone female
Appolonia female
Aqvilina female
Arald male
Arcadius male
Are male
Aren male
Arenbjørg female
Arenbjørn male
Arent male
Arfvid male
Ari female
Ariel male
Arild male
Arinmod female
Arlaug female
Arn male
Arna female
Arnald male
Arnar male
Arnberg male
Arnbjørg female
Arnbjørn male
Arndis female
Arne male
Arnelf female
Arnfast male
Arnfin male
Arnfinn male
Arnfinna female
Arnfred male
Arnfrid female
Arnfrød male
Arngaut male
Arngeir male
Arngerd female
Arngrim male
Arngun female
Arngunn female
Arnheid female
Arnhild female
Arni female
Arnild female
Arnilda female
Arnkatla female
Arnke male
Arnkell male
Arnlaug female
Arnlaug male
Arnleiv male
Arnleiv female
Arnljot male
Arnljot female
Arnmod male
Arnny female
Arnodd male
Arnold male
Arnolda female
Arnolf male
Arnolv male
Arnstein male
Arnsten male
Arnt male
Arntjov male
Arntor male
Arntora female
Arntrud female
Arnulf male
Arnvald male
Arnvid male
Aron male
Arstein male
Arthur male
Arvast male
Arve male
Arvid male
Arvida female
Asa female
Asberg male
Asbjør female
Asbjørg female
Asbjørn male
Asbor female
Asbrand male
Asdis female
Ase male
Ase female
Aseline female
Asfinn male
Asfrid female
Asfrød male
Asgaut male
Asgaute male
Asgeir male
Asger male
Asgerd female
Asgest male
Asgot male
Asgrim male
Ashild female
Asjei male
Asjer female
Askatla female
Askaut male
Aske male
Askel male
Askell male
Askild male
Askjell male
Asla female
Aslak male
Aslaug male
Asle male
Asle female
Asleik male
Asleiv male
Aslek male
Aslov female
Asløv female
Asmar male
Asmod male
Asmund male
Asmund male
Asne female
Asny female
Asodd male
Asolv male
Asov male
Assar male
Asser male
Assur male
Asta female
Aste male
Aste female
Astein male
Astor male
Astrad male
Astrid female
Astrud female
Astulf male
Astvid male
Asunn female
Asuv male
Asvald male
Asvard male
Asve female
Asver male
Asvid male
Asvor female
Ate male
Atfrid female
Atfrød male
Atgeir male
Atla female
Atlaak male
Atlak male
Atle male
Atta male
Atte male
Atvard male
Atvor female
Aubjor female
Aud female
Auda female
Audar male
Audberg male
Audbjørg female
Audbjørn male
Audden male
Aude male
Aude female
Auden male
Audfinn male
Audgard male
Audgaut male
Audgeir male
Audgerd female
Audgils male
Audgrim male
Audgunn female
Audhild female
Audkell male
Audleiv male
Audmund male
Audni female
Audny female
Audolv male
Audstein male
Audun male
Audvalde male
Audvid male
Auen male
Auer male
Auge male
Augund male
August male
Augusta female
Augustinus male
Augustus male
Aurelius male
Auver male
Avald male
Avalde male
Avar male
Avard male
Avida female
Avle male
Axel male
Axelina female


(Note: B and P may be interchanged)

Name Sex
Baal male
Baar male
Baard male
Baargni female
Babba female
Balde male
Baldøy female
Baldrek male
Baldrun female
Baldvald male
Balthasar male
Baltzar male
Barak male
Barakias male
Barbra female
Barbro female
Barbru female
Bard male
Bardo male
Barek male
Barnabas male
Barste male
Bartolemeus male
Baruk male
Basse male
Baste male
Bastian male
Baug male
Bauge male
Baugeid female
Baugheid female
Beata female
Beate female
Begga female
Begge female
Beint male
Belest male
Bella female
Benct male
Bendik male
Bendiks male
Bendikte female
Benedikt male
Benediktus male
Bengt male
Bengta female
Benjamin male
Bent male
Bente female
Bentine female
Bera female
Berau male
Berau male
Berdor male
Berener male
Berent male
Beret female
Bereta female
Berg male
Bergdis female
Berge male
Berger male
Bergfinn male
Bergfrid female
Berghild female
Bergit female
Bergje male
Berglaug female
Bergleiv male
Bergljot male
Bergljot female
Bergmund male
Bergny female
Bergolv male
Bergstein male
Bergsvein male
Bergtor male
Bergtora female
Bergtrud female
Bergøy female
Berit female
Berje male
Berna female
Bernhard male
Bernhardina female
Bernhild female
Bernt male
Berret male
Berret female
Bersvend male
Berta female
Berte female
Berte male
Berteus male
Bertha female
Berthe female
Bertel male
Bertil male
Bertila female
Bertin male
Bertinus male
Berto male
Bertold male
Bertolda female
Bertor male
Berul male
Beruld male
Besse male
Betti female
Betty female
Bierte male
Biger male
Billa female
Bina female
Birge male
Birger male
Birgit female
Birgitta female
Birna female
Birthe female
Bjare male
Bjarghild female
Bjarglaug female
Bjargmund male
Bjargolv male
Bjargstein male
Bjargtor male
Bjargøy female
Bjarke male
Bjarna female
Bjarnar male
Bjarndis female
Bjarne male
Bjarnfinn male
Bjarnfrid female
Bjarnfrød male
Bjarngerd female
Bjarngrim male
Bjarnheden male
Bjarnheid female
Bjarnhild female
Bjarnlaug female
Bjarnleiv male
Bjarnmod male
Bjarnny female
Bjarnolv male
Bjarnrun female
Bjarntor male
Bjarntora female
Bjarntrud female
Bjarnveig female
Bjart male
Bjarte male
Bjartmar male
Bjartolv male
Bjartøy female
Bjedne male
Bjermund male
Bjerne male
Bjermund male
Bjerne male
Bjerte male
Bjolv male
Bjug male
Bjønn male
Bjønne male
Bjønnild male
Bjønolf male
Bjørg female
Bjørgolv male
Bjørgu male
Bjørgulf male
Bjørn male
Bjørna female
Bjørne male
Bjørner male
Bjørnhild female
Bjørnmund male
Bjørnolv male
Bjørnvald male
Björn male
Björnvid male
Blanceflor female
Blandina female
Blenda female
Blid male
Blida female
Bo male
Bodde male
Boddvar male
Bodel female
Bodel male
Bodgeir male
Bodger male
Bodil female
Bodlaug male
Bodleik male
Bodmod male
Bodolv male
Bodvald male
Bodvar male
Bodvild female
Boe male
Boel female
Boga female
Boge male
Bogei female
Boggei female
Bokke male
Bol female
Boletta female
Boline female
Bolla female
Bonde male
Bordor male
Borgar male
Borgarr male
Borgela female
Borgella female
Borghild female
Borgilda female
Borgny female
Borgtor male
Borgvard male
Boril male
Bortinus male
Borni female
Boste male
Bot male
Bote male
Botella female
Bothild female
Botild female
Botilda female
Botmar male
Botmund male
Botolv male
Bottel male
Bottolf male
Botulf male
Botvid male
Botøy female
Boville female
Boye male
Boyine female
Brand male
Brandalv male
Branddis female
Brande male
Brandolv male
Brandtrud female
Bratt male
Brede male
Brid female
Bride female
Bridget female
Bridt female
Brigida female
Brigitta female
Briita female
Brit female
Brita female
Britt female
Brodde male
Broder male
Broderick male
Brondolv male
Brongel male
Bror male
Brun male
Brune male
Brunte male
Brunulf male
Bryndis female
Bryngard male
Bryngeir male
Bryngel male
Bryngeld male
Bryngerd female
Bryngild female
Brynheid female
Brynhild female
Brynil male
Brynild female
Brynild male
Brynilda female
Brynilla female
Brynllle female
Brynjar male
Brynjel male
Brynjøl male
Brynjolv male
Brynjul male
Brynjuld male
Brynjulf male
Brynjulv male
Brynleiv male
Brynnel male
Brynold male
Brynolf male
Brynte male
Brynvald male
Brynveig female
Brynyl male
Brytteva female
Brønla female
Butolf male
Butul male
Butulf male
Byleiv male
Byrge male
Byrra male
Bängt male
Bängta female
Bødvild female
Bøie male
Bølok male
Børdor male
Børge male
Børger male
Børild male
Børro male
Børu male
Børuv male
Bøse male
Brønil male
Brønild female
Brønjøl male
Brønla female
Böre male
Börje male
Börjina female
Börta female
Börtha female
Bårdel male
Båtel male


(Names beginning with C can also begin with K)

Name Sex
Cajsa female
Caisa female
Calla female
Cari female
Carin female
Carl male
Carla female
Carna female
Carola female
Carolina female
Caroline female
Carolus male
Catharina female
Catrina female
Casper male
Cecilia female
Cecilie female
Charlotta female
Chrisman male
Christen male
Christer male
Christian male
Christiana female
Christina female
Christine female
Christman male
Christoffer male
Christopher male
Cidsel female
Cilla female
Cissa female
Cissela female
Citzel female
Clara female
Clarissa female
Clas male
Cladius male
Clemens male
Clement male
Conradine female
Constantia female
Cornelius male


(Names beginning with D can also begin with T)

Name Sex
Daaret female
Daavid male
Daffin male
Dag male
Daga female
Dagbjørg female
Dager male
Dagfinn male
Dagfrid female
Dagheid female
Daghild female
Dagmøy female
Dagne female
Dagni female
Dagny female
Dagrun female
Dagvid male
Dalla female
Dalle male
Dan male
Dana female
Danbjørg female
Danchert male
Danel male
Danfrid female
Danhild female
Daniel male
Daniella female
Danilde female
Dankert male
Danvard male
Darius male
Dave male
David male
Davida female
Delis female
Dianna female
Didrik male
Diedrich male
Dika female
Dina female
Dine female
Dines male
Dianna female
Didrik male
Diedrich male
Dika female
Dina female
Dine female
Dines male
Dis female
Disa female
Ditlev male
Dittlof male
Divert male
Domald male
Domalde male
Domar male
Domeldi female
Domele female
Domhild female
Domine female
Dora female
Dordei female
Dordi female
Doretha female
Doris female
Dorith female
Dorotea female
Dorrit female
Dorthe female
Dorthea female
Dreng male
Droplaug female
Durdei female
Dufvenius male
Dybfest male
Dygdi female
Dyrbjørg female
Dyre male
Dyrfinna female
Dyrhild female
Dyrleiv female
Dyrmund male
Dyrunn female
Dønnes male


(Note: Some names beginning with E may also begin with Ä or Æ)

Name Sex
Easias male
Ebba female
Ebbe male
Eberhard male
Ebert male
Eddi female
Edela female
Edfast male
Edgar male
Edias male
Edis male
Edit female
Edith female
Edla female
Edlend male
Edling male
Edmund male
Edrikka female
Edvard male
Edvin male
Edvina female
Eero male
Eeva female
Eevi female
Efraim male
Efrid female
Egbert male
Egel male
Egeleiv female
Egert male
Egil male
Egilleiv female
Egjel male
Eid male
Eidbjørg female
Eidis female
Eiel male
Eigjel male
Eilav male
Eilef male
Eilev male
Eilif male
Eiliv male
Eirik male
Eimund male
Einar male
Einbjørg female
Einbjørn male
Eindride male
Einfast male
Einfrid female
Einhild female
Einride male
Einrun female
Eintor male
Einvald male
Einvard male
Eirek male
Eirik male
Eirny female
Eithne female
Eivind male
Ejsten male
Eland male
Elat male
Eld male
Eldar male
Eldbjør male
Eldbjørg female
Elde male
Eldfrid female
Elde male
Eldfrid female
Eldgrim male
Eldrid female
Eleasar male
Elef male
Elena female
Eleonora female
Elesius male
Elf male
Elfrida female
Elfva female
Elfver male
Eli female
Elias male
Elif male
Elika female
Elin female
Elina female
Eline female
Elis male
Elisa female
Elisabet female
Elisabeth female
Elise female
Ellseus male
Ella female
Elland male
Ellef male
Elleiv male
Ellen female
Ellen male
Ellend male
Ellev male
Elli female
Ellicka female
Ellika female
Elling male
Ellov female
Elmod male
Elmund male
Elna female
Elof male
Elsa female
Else female
Elva female
Emanuel male
Emanuella female
Embjør female
Embjørg female
Embjörn male
Embret male
Embrik male
Emil male
Emilia female
Emma female
Emmerik male
Emmrik male
Emund male
Enar male
Endre male
Endride male
Ener male
Enevald male
Enevast male
Engel female
Engel male
Engela female
Engelbert male
Engelbrekt male
Engelbrecht male
Enoch male
Enok male
Ephraim male
Erasmus male
Erek male
Erenfrid male
Erengils male
Erengisle male
Ergela female
Ergerd female
Eric male
Erich male
Erik male
Erika female
Erker male
Erkki male
Erkko male
Erland male
Erlend male
Erling male
Ermund male
Ernest male
Ernestina female
Ernestine female
Erngisle male
Ernst male
Ervast male
Esaias male
Esau male
Esbern male
Esbjörn male
Esborn male
Esekiel male
Esger male
Esgerd female
Eshild female
Eskel male
Eskeld male
Eskil male
Eskild male
Espen male
Esper male
Estein male
Esten male
Ester female
Esther female
Estrad male
Estri female
Estrid female
Eva female
Evald male
Evaldina female
Evangelina female
Evard male
Even male
Evert male
Evind male


(Names beginning with F can also begin with V)

Name Sex
Fabian male
Fabiens male
Fale male
Falkor male
Falkvor male
Falqvar male
Faltin male
Fargrim male
Farman male
Farmod male
Fartegn male
Fartein male
Farvald male
Faste male
Fastfrød male
Fastny female
Fastolv male
Fastrad male
Fastrun female
Fastulf male
Fastvid male
Ferdinand male
Fernanda female
Fernandina female
Fia female
Figge male
Fike male
Fiken female
Filip male
Filippa female
Filippus male
Fina female
Finbo male
Fingal male
Fingar male
Finger male
Finn male
Finna female
Finnberg male
Finnbjørg female
Finnbjørn male
Finnboge male
Finndis female
Finne male
Finnfrid female
Finngard male
Finngeir male
Finngerd female
Finnkell male
Finnlaug female
Finnleik male
Finnolv male
Finntor male
Finntora female
Finnvard male
Finnvid male
Finved male
Fjall male
Fjallar male
Fjallgeir male
Fjellar male
Fjelle male
Fjorleiv female
Flora female
Fog male
Fokke male
Foldheid female
Foldkell male
Folkar male
Folke male
Folkmar male
Folkung male
Folkvar male
Folkvard male
Folkvid male
Folmar male
Fordel male
Fostolv male
Frans male
Freddy male
Fredrik male
Fredrika female
Frenne male
Fria female
Frid female
Frida female
Fridberg male
Fridbjørg female
Fridbjørn male
Fride male
Fride female
Frideborg female
Fridelf female
Fridfinn male
Fridfrid female
Fridgeir male
Fridger male
Fridgerd female
Fridke male
Fridkoll male
Fridlaug female
Fridlaug male
Fridleiv male
Fridleiv female
Fridmund male
Fridni female
Fridny female
Fridolf male
Fridrek male
Fridrun female
Fridstein male
Fridtjov male
Fridtor male
Fridtora female
Friederik male
Frigge male
Fritjof male
Fritz male
Frodar male
Frode male
Frodmar male
Frodmund male
Fromhold male
Frosten male
Frødis female
Frøya female
Frøybjørn male
Frøydis female
Frøygard male
Frøygerd female
Frøyleik male
Frøymod male
Frøystein male
Frøyvid male
Fröbjörn male
Fröborg female
Frödis female
Frömund male
Frönde male
Frösten male
Frövid male
Fullmod male
Fuse male


(Names beginning with G might also begin with K, especially in Finland)

Name Sex
Gabriel male
Gabrikke female
Gamal male
Gamaliel male
Gammel male
Garbrand male
Gard male
Gardar male
Gardbrand male
Garde male
Gardia female
Gase male
Gaut male
Gauta female
Gautar male
Gaute male
Gauthild female
Gautolv male
Gautrek male
Gautvid male
Gea female
Geir male
Geira female
Geiralde male
Geiralv male
Geirbjørg female
Geirbjørn male
Geirbrand male
Geirdis female
Geire male
Geirfinn male
Geirfrid female
Geirfrød male
Geirheid female
Geirhild female
Geirkvat male
Geirlak male
Geirlaug male
Geirlaug female
Geirleik male
Geirleiv male
Geirmar male
Geirmod male
Geirmund male
Geirny female
Geirolv male
Geirrek male
Geirrun female
Geirstein male
Geirtjov male
Geirtor male
Geirtora female
Geirtrud female
Geirvald male
Geirvid male
Geirvild female
Geirvor female
Gellaug female
Georgina female
Georg male
Gerbjörn male
Gerd female
Gerda female
Gerdar male
Gerdika female
Gere male
Gerhard male
Gerhardina female
Gerhild female
Gerhvat male
Gerkur male
Germund male
Gert male
Gertrud female
Gerulf male
Gerun female
Gervast male
Gervi female
Gervid male
Gest male
Geste male
Gestfrid female
Gestheid female
Gestny female
Gestrun female
Gideon male
Gidsken female
Giljus male
Gilla female
Gillaug female
Gille male
Gils male
Gina female
Gise male
Gisela female
Gisfröd male
Gishild female
Gisla female
Gislaug male
Gislaug female
Gisle male
Gisleiv male
Gismund male
Gissur male
Gitla female
Gitlaug female
Gitle male
Gitte female
Givlög male
Gjavar male
Gjavlaug female
Gjavleik male
Gjavvald male
Gjavvard male
Gjelleiv female
Gjellov female
Gjerd female
Gjerlaug female
Gjermund male
Gjert male
Gjertine female
Gjertinus male
Gjertrud female
Gjerul male
Gjerulv male
Gjest male
Gjetle male
Gjetlou female
Gjord male
Gjø female
Gjøa female
Gjødda female
Gjøde female
Gjølin female
Gjør male
Gjørri female
Gjöran male
Gjörin female
Godike male
Godtløb male
Godtschalk male
Golla female
Gone female
Gonelle female
Gonild female
Gonla female
Goraa female
Goute male
Gram male
Gregard male
Greger male
Gregers female
Gregers male
Greggar male
Gregor male
Gregoria female
Gregorius male
Gregus male
Grejs male
Grels male
Gres male
Gregard male
Greta female
Grete female
Grim male
Grima female
Grimalde male
Grimar male
Grimbjørg female
Grime male
Grimheid female
Grimhild female
Grimkell male
Grimlaug female
Grimolv male
Grimøy female
Grimulv male
Grjotbjørn male
Grjote male
Grjotgard male
Grjotmund male
Gro female
Groa female
Grubbe male
Gubbjør female
Gudbjørg female
Gubrand male
Gudda female
Gudde male
Gude male
Gudelina female
Gudfast male
Gudfinn male
Gudfinna female
Gudfrid female
Gudfrød male
Gudgeir male
Gudhild female
Gudhvat male
Gudick male
Gudlak male
Gudlaug female
Gudlav male
Gudlef male
Gudleik male
Gudleiv female
Gudlide male
Gudlög female
Gudmar male
Gudmund male
Gudni female
Gudnil female
Gudnjot male
Gudny female
Gudoæ female
Gudolv male
Gudrad male
Gudrek male
Gudrid female
Gudrik male
Gudrun female
Gottfrid male
Gotthard male
Grjotbjørn male
Grjote male
Grjotgard male
Gjotmund male
Gubbjør female
Gudda female
Gudde male
Gude male
Gudelina female
Gudfast male
Gudfinn male
Gudfinna female
Gudfrid female
Gudfrød male
Gudgeir male
Gudhild female
Gudstein male
Gudsten male
Gudsvein male
Gudtor male
Gudtorm male
Gudulf male
Gudvald male
Gudvard male
Gudvast male
Gudve female
Gudvei female
Gudveig female
Gudvi female
Gudvid male
Gudvor female
Guiri female
Gul male
Gulau female
Gulber female
Gulbrand male
Guleik male
Gulin female
Gulla female
Gullak male
Gullaug female
Gullbera female
Gullbjørg female
Gullbrand male
Gulle male
Gulleiv male
Gullek male
Gulli female
Gullik male
Gullmund male
Gullrik male
Gullo male
Gullof female
Gullve female
Gullveig female
Gulov female
Guluf female
Guluv male
Gulv male
Gumbjør female
Gumbjørg female
Gumme male
Gummund male
Gunbjørn male
Gunborg female
Gundbjörn male
Gunder male
Gundela female
Gundla female
Gundor male
Gundro male
Gune female
Gunelf female
Gunhild female
Guni female
Gunilda female
Gunilde female
Gunilla female
Gunla female
Gunlu female
Gunmund male
Gunna female
Gunnaar female
Gunnar male
Gunnbjør female
Gunnbjørg female
Gunnbjørn male
Gunne male
Gunnel female
Gunnela female
Gunner female
Gunner male
Gunnfast male
Gunnfrid female
Gunnfrød male
Gunngerd female
Gunnheid female
Gunnhild female
Gunni female
Gunnil female
Gunnild female
Gunnilla female
Gunnkell male
Gunnkvat male
Gunnlaug male
Gunnlaug female
Gunnleik male
Gunnleiv male
Gunnleiv female
Gunnmar male
Gunnmund male
Gunnolv male
Gunnor female
Gunnrad male
Gunnrek male
Gunnrun female
Gunnstein male
Gunntjov male
Gunntor male
Gunntora female
Gunnu male
Gunnul male
Gunnuld male
Gunnulf male
Gunnur female
Gunnuv male
Gunnvald male
Gunnvard male
Gundveig female
Gunnvor female
Gunra male
Gunrid female
Gunsten male
Guntrud female
Gunul male
Gunuld male
Gunulf male
Gunvald male
Gunvar female
Gunvid male
Gunvold male
Gunvor female
Guraa female
Guren male
Guren female
Guri female
Gurild female
Gurin female
Gurina female
Gurine female
Guro female
Gurru female
Guru female
Guruanna female
Gussar male
Gusta female
Gustaf male
Gustafva female
Gustav male
Gustava female
Gusten male
Gute male
Gutorm male
Gutte male
Guttorm male
Guvor female
Guyri female
Guyro female
Gya female
Gyda female
Gylaug female
Gynte male
Gynther male
Gyrd male
Gyrid female
Gyve female
Gyveig female
Gälar male
Gästil male
Gøa female
Gøda female
Gødde male
Gøde male
Gølik male
Gønner female
Gøllik male
Gödmar male
Gölin female
Göran male
Görel female
Görild female
Göro female
Görvel female
Gösta male
Göste male
Göt male
Göta female
Götar male
Göte male
Göter male
Göthe male
Götilda female
Götmar male
Götrich male
Götrik male
Götrika female
Götstaf male
Götulf male


Name Sex
Haagen male
Haagine female
Haakaa male
Haakan male
Haakon male
Haar male
Haarik male
Haaskuld male
Haavard male
Haaver male
Haavol male
Habera female
Habjørn male
Hadar male
Haddvor male
Hadle male
Haelvoor male
Haflide male
Haftor male
Hagar female
Hagbard male
Hage male
Hagen male
Hagny female
Hagtor male
Hagvard male
Hakan male
Hakatla female
Hake male
Hakon male
Haldan male
Haldis female
Haldo male
Haldog male
Haldor male
Haldora female
Haleik male
Halfdan male
Halfri female
Halfvar male
Halfvard male
Halfvord male
Halje male
Hall male
Halla female
Hallad male
Hallbera female
Hallberg male
Hallbjørg female
Hallbjørn male
Halldis female
Halldor male
Halle male
Halleiv male
Hallfast male
Hallfred male
Hallfrid female
Hallfrød male
Hallgard male
Hallgeir male
Hallgerd female
Hallgils male
Hallgjeir male
Hallgrim male
Hallgrima female
Hallik male
Hallis female
Hallkatla female
Hallkell male
Hallmar male
Hallmund male
Hallny female
Hallolv male
Hallor male
Hallorm male
Halløy female
Hallrid female
Hallstein male
Halltor male
Halltora female
Hallvar male
Hallvard male
Hallvare male
Hallveig female
Hallvor female
Halsten male
Halv male
Halvar male
Halvard male
Halvdan male
Halvor male
Halvord male
Hamfrid female
Hammen male
Hamod male
Hamund male
Hanna female
Hanne female
Hannele female
Hannika female
Hannu male
Hans male
Hansina female
Haquin male
Harald male
Haraldina female
Harek male
Harkell male
Harkild male
Hartvig male
Hastein male
Hasten male
Haugne male
Hauk male
Hauleik male
Hav male
Havald male
Havar male
Havard male
Havbjørg female
Havgrim male
Havhild female
Havid male
Havilda female
Havkell male
Havlide male
Havljot male
Havor male
Havor female
Havstein male
Havtor male
Havtora female
Hedda female
Hedvig female
Hege female
Hegge male
Heidi female
Heidmund male
Heidrek male
Heidrun female
Heidveig female
Heidvid male
Heikka male
Heikki male
Heimar male
Heime male
Heimgest male
Heimlaug female
Heiska male
Helena female
Helene female
Helfred male
Helfver male
Helga female
Helge male
Helge female
Helgje male
Heline female
Helje male
Helje female
Helka female
Hella female
Hellaug female
Helle male
Helle female
Helleik male
Hellena female
Helli male
Hellie male
Hellik male
Helma female
Helmborg female
Helmer male
Helmert male
Helmina female
Helmut male
Hemfast male
Hemfrid female
Heming male
Hemming male
Hemminki male
Henki male
Henning male
Henrik male
Henrika female
Herbera female
Herbert male
Herbjør female
Herbjørg female
Herbjörn male
Herborg female
Herbrand male
Herdag male
Herdis female
Here male
Herfast male
Herfinn male
Herfrid female
Herfrød male
Hergaut male
Hergeir male
Herger male
Hergerd female
Hergils male
Hergrim male
Hergunn female
Herjolv male
Herjolv male
Herjulf male
Herjus male
Herkko male
Herlak male
Herlaug female
Herlef male
Herleik male
Herleiv male
Herlog male
Herman male
Hermand male
Hermanni male
Hermod male
Hermund male
Herstein male
Hersvein male
Herta female
Hertegn male
Hertjov male
Hertrud female
Hertrygg male
Hervald male
Hervard male
Herve male
Hervid male
Hervor female
Heta female
Hild female
Hilda female
Hilde male
Hilde female
Hildeberg male
Hildebjørg female
Hildebjørn male
Hildeborg female
Hildebrand male
Hildefrid female
Hildegard female
Hildegeir male
Hildegerd female
Hildegrim male
Hildegun female
Hildegunn female
Hildemar female
Hildemund male
Hilderid female
Hildetor male
Hilding male
Hildolv male
Hildor male
Hilla female
Hille male
Hille female
Hilma female
Hilme male
Hinding male
Hindrik male
Hirdulf male
Hjald male
Hjalm male
Hjalma female
Hjalmar male
Hjalme male
Hjalmdis female
Hjalmfrid female
Hjalmgeir male
Hjalmgerd female
Hjalmgrim male
Hjalmhar male
Hjalmhild female
Hjalmolv male
Hjalmrun female
Hjalmte male
Hjalmty male
Hjarrande male
Hjelmborg female
Hjelmdor male
Hjelme male
Hjelmer male
Hjør male
Hjørdis female
Hjørgunn female
Hjørleiv male
Hjørleiv female
Hjørmund male
Hjørolv male
Hjørvald male
Hjørvard male
Hod male
Hoggne male
Hogne male
Holbjør female
Holdan male
Holge male
Holgeir male
Holger male
Holgjær female
Holje male
Hollolv male
Holm male
Holmberg male
Holmbjörn male
Holmborg female
Holmdis female
Holme male
Holmfast male
Holmfrid male
Holmfrød male
Holmgeir male
Holmger male
Holmgrim male
Holmkell male
Holmlaug female
Holmstein male
Holmsten male
Holsten male
Holvord male
Holye male
Homfred male
Hosea male
Hoskuld male
Hovel male
Hovold male
Hovtor male
Hovund male
Hrollaug female
Hubert male
Hufvid male
Hufvud male
Hugbjørg female
Hugbot female
Huge male
Hugleik male
Hugmod male
Hugne male
Hugo male
Hugrun female
Hulda female
Hulvid female
Hun male
Hunbjørg female
Hunboge female
Hune male
Hunfast male
Hunfrød male
Hungeir male
Hungerd female
Hunljot male
Hunnolv male
Hunstein male
Huntjov male
Hunvor female
Huskuld male
Huve male
Hæge female
Hølje male
Hølji male
Høye male
Håkan male
Håkon male
Hård male
Håvard male


(Note: I, J and Y can be interchangeable both in the beginning and in the middle of names)

Name Sex
Ib male
Ibba female
Ida female
Idbjørg female
Idde female
Idmund male
Idunn female
Ifvar male
Iivari male
Iisakki male
Ildri female
Ili female
Ilin female
Imald male
Imbjør female
Immanuel male
Ina female
Inbjørg female
Indiane female
Indre male
Indride male
Inga female
Ingar female
Ingar male
Ingard male
Inge male
Inge female
Ingeber female
Ingeberg male
Ingebjørg female
Ingebjörn male
Ingeborg female
Ingebret male
Ingebrigt male
Ingefast male
Ingefinna female
Ingefrid female
Ingegard female
Ingegeir male
Ingegel female
Ingegerd female
Ingegils male
Ingegjer female
Ingegunn male
Ingegäl female
Ingegärd female
Ingel male
Ingela female
Ingelaug female
Ingeld male
Ingeleiv male
Ingeleiv female
Ingeliv female
Ingeløv female
Ingelöf female
Ingemaar male
Ingeman male
Ingemar male
Ingemor male
Ingemund male
Inger female
Ingerd female
Ingerid female
Ingerun female
Ingevald male
Ingevast male
Ingeveig female
Inggebjør female
Inghild female
Ingiel female
Ingierd female
Ingild male
Ingjald male
Ingjell male
Ingjer female
Ingjeri female
Ingjul male
Ingmar male
Ingmor male
Ingmund male
Ingolf male
Ingolv male
Ingri female
Ingrid female
Ingulf male
Ingunn female
Ingvald male
Ingvar male
Ingvard male
Ingvild female
Ingärd female
Inka female
Inkeri female
Innanda female
Innbjør female
Ip male
Irma female
Isa female
Isabel female
Isabella female
Isac male
Isak male
Isar male
Isascar male
Isbjørg female
Ise male
Isfrid female
Isfrød male
Isgerd female
Isleik male
Isleiv male
Isleiv female
Ismael male
Isolv male
Isøy male
Israel male
Isung male
Isvor female
Iva male
Ivald male
Ivar male
Iver male
Ivor female


(Note: I, J, and Y can be interchangeable, both in the beginning and middle of names)

Name Sex
Jaaddaa female
Jaakkima male
Jaako male
Jaakko male
Jaana female
Jacob male
Jacobina female
Jada female
Jakob male
Jakobina female
Jan male
Jana female
Janna female
Janne male
Janniche female
Jarand male
Jardar male
Jardtrud female
Jarnfrid female
Jarngerd female
Jarngrim male
Jaska male
Jean male
Jeef male
Jef male
Jegeir male
Jelddau female
Jellaug female
Jemima female
Jens male
Jep male
Jeppe male
Jeremias male
Jerker male
Jerle male
Jerlev male
Jermund male
Jerpulf male
Jertrud female
Jerul male
Jerund male
Jeruv male
Jervid male
Jervor female
Jeska female
Jesper male
Jesten male
Jetmund male
Jette female
Jiskah female
Jo male
Joachim male
Joakim male
Joalv male
Joar male
Job male
Jochum male
Jodgeir male
Jodhild female
Jodis female
Joel male
Joen male
Jofinna female
Jofrid female
Jofrød male
Jofrøy female
Joger male
Jogerd female
Jogrim male
Johan male
Johanna female
Johanne female
Johannes male
Joheid female
John male
Jokabeth female
Jokel1 male
Joleik male
Jolfrød female
Jolgeir male
Jolstein male
Jolv male
Jolvard male
Jomar male
Jon male
Jonas male
Jonathan male
Jone female
Jonetta female
Jonte male
Joose male
Jooseppi male
Jora female
Jorann female
Jordan male
Jorek male
Joren female
Jorheid female
Jorid female
Jorin female
Jorolv male
Joron female
Jortrud female
Jorulf male
Jorun female
Josef male
Josefa female
Josefina female
Joseph male
Josias male
Jost male
Jostein male
Josua male
Joveig female
Jovur male
Judith female
Juha male
Juhana male
Juhani male
Juho male
Juhona male
Juhl male
Jul male
Jule male
Julfrid female
Julia female
Julie female
Juntti male
Juuso male
Jurd male
Jussa female
Jussi male
Just male
Justen male
Justen male
Juster male
Jyrid female
Jøa female
Jøel male
Jøgeir male
Jøl male
Jørann female
Jøren male
Jørgeda female
Jørgitte female
Jørine female
Jørna female
Jøron female
Jørøn female
Jørri female
Jørund female
Jørunn female
Jøsten male
Jøte male
Jöns male
Jöran male
Jörgen male
Jörn male
Jöran male
Jösse male


(Names beginning with K can also begin with C)

(K and G may be interchangeable, particularly in Finnish names)

Name Sex
Kaare male
Kaapo male
Kaapriel male
Kaapro male
Kaarina female
Kaarle male
Kaarlo male
Kaija female
Kaisa female
Kaisko female
Kajsa female
Kajsu female
Kaleb male
Kalem male
Kal male
Kali male
Kalla female
Kalle male
Kalv male
Kar male
Kara female
Karbjørn male
Kare female
Kare male
Karen female
Karenius male
Karhild female
Kari female
Karin female
Karl male
Karla female
Karle male
Karleiv male
Karlot male
Karlotte female
Karna female
Karola female
Karolina female
Karolius male
Karolus male
Karolv male
Karrek male
Karse male
Karstein male
Karsten male
Kase male
Kassi female
Katarina female
Katinka female
Katja female
Katla female
Katri female
Katriina female
Katrina female
Katrine female
Kebbe male
Keisa female
Keisu female
Kell male
Kellaug female
Kellberg male
Kellbjørg female
Kellbjörn male
Kelldor male
Kellfrid female
Kellgrim male
Kelle male
Kellmod male
Kellmund male
Kellorm male
Kelltor male
Kellu female
Kellvard male
Kersten male
Kersti female
Kerstin female
Kerttu female
Ketil male
Ketilberg male
Ketilbjørg female
Ketilbjörn male
Ketildor male
Ketilfrid male
Ketilgrim male
Ketillaug female
Ketilrnod male
Ketilmund male
Ketilorm male
Ketiltor male
Ketilvard male
Kiddel male
Kiersti female
Kiersten female
Kierstin female
Kiri female
Kirsi female
Kirsten female
Kirsti female
Kirstine female
Kitta female
Kittel male
Kiønig male
Kjartan male
Kjell male
Kjella female
Kjelli female
Kjersten female
Kjerstin female
Kjetil male
Kjogjei male
Kjyer male
Kjærand male
Kjäll male
Kjødvor male
Kjøen male
Kjøge male
Kjøl male
Kjøle male
Kjølo male
Kjøn male
Kjøstel male
Kjøster male
Kjøstolf male
Kjøstolv male
Kjøvald male
Klara female
Klas male
Klaus male
Klein male
Klemens male
Klement male
Klementina female
Klemet male
Kleng male
Kling male
Knud male
Knut male
Kol male
Kolbein male
Kolbent male
Kolbjørn male
Kolbrand male
Kole male
Kolfinn male
Kolfinna female
Kolgrim male
Kolgrima female
Kolstein male
Kolsvein male
Konrad male
Konradina female
Kornelius male
Kreeta male
Krispines male
Kristbertin male
Kristen male
Krister male
Kristfrid female
Kristi female
Kristian male
Kristiana female
Kristina female
Kristine female
Kristman male
Kristmod male
Kristoffer male
Kristopher male
Kristvid male
Kurt male
Kustaa male
Kvat male
Kvatmod male
Kydjer male
Kyer male
Kyösti male
Käll male
Källbjörn male
Källu male
Kølvor male
Kølfrød male


Name Sex
Laage male
Ladgerd female
Ladgunn female
Ladreid female
Lage male
Laina male
Laine male
Landar male
Larine female
Lars male
Lasse male
Lassi male
Lassu male
Lasu male
Lauge male
Laura female
Laurants male
Laurens male
Laurentia female
Laurentius male
Laurents male
Lauri female
Laurids male
Lauritz female
Lave male
Lavina female
Lazarus male
Lea female
Ledis female
Leeg male
Leek male
Leena female
Leg male
Legunn female
Leid male
Leidolv male
Leidulf male
Leldvor female
Leiel male
Leif male
Leik male
Leikny female
Leiv male
Leive male
Leiulf male
Leiuv male
Lek male
Lena female
Lene female
Lennart male
Lennert male
Leonarda female
Leonhard male
Leonora female
Leopold male
Leopoldina female
Leuv male
Leulv male
Levald male
Levi male
Levor male
Lid male
Lidolv male
Lidvald male
Lidvard male
Lifsten male
Liisa female
Liisi female
Lili female
Lilia female
Lina female
Linbjørg female
Linda female
Lindis female
Lindorm male
Line male
Linmar male
Linnar male
Linnea female
Linøy female
Linus male
Lisa female
Lise female
Lisbet female
Lisbeth female
Lisen female
Lisken female
Liulv male
Liuv male
Liv female
Liva female
Livar male
Live female
Livolv male
Livor male
Ljodolv male
Ljodøy female
Ljot male
Ljota female
Ljote male
Ljotolv male
Ljotunn female
Lodmund male
Lodvaer male
Lodve male
Lodveig female
Lodver male
Lodvid male
Lodvor male
Lone female
Lorens male
Lorentia female
Lot male
Lotta female
Lotten female
Louise female
Lova female
Love male
Loviisa female
Lovisa female
Lovise female
Lovnheid female
Lucas male
Luci female
Lucia female
Lucie female
Ludolf male
Ludvig male
Luffa male
Lukas male
Lukretia female
Lukris female
Lussi female
Lydia female
Lydianne female
Lydin male
Lyditte female
Lyydia female
Lyyli female
Lyyti female
Løder male
Løk male
Løve male
Løver m


Name Sex
Maalfrid female
Maar male
Maarja female
Maarten male
Madli female
Mads male
Madsi female
Madsia female
Madsine female
Magda female
Magdalena female
Magdalene female
Magga female
Magle female
Magli female
Magna female
Magnbjørg female
Magndis female
Magne male
Magnheid female
Magnhild female
Magnild female
Magnille female
Magnlaug female
Magnny female
Magntor male
Magntora female
Magnus male
Mai female
Maija female
Maire female
Maja female
Majabrita female
Majagreta female
Majakajsa female
Majalena female
Majalisa female
Majastina female
Majken female
Majsa female
Malakias male
Maldri female
Malena female
Malene female
Mali female
Malin female
Malina female
Malkom male
Malla female
Malmfrid female
Manassa male
Manfred male
Manfrida female
Mangella female
Mangla female
Manne male
Manou female
Mans male
Manta female
Mante male
Marcor male
Marcus male
Maren female
Marenius male
Mareta female
Marga female
Margareta female
Margeir male
Margerd female
Marget female
Margido male
Margit female
Margreta female
Margrethe female
Mari female
Maria female
Marie female
Marina female
Marit female
Maritha female
Marja female
Marjatta female
Marjetta female
Marketta female
Markitta female
Markku male
Marko male
Markor male
Markus male
Marlaug female
Marna female
Marøy female
Marta female
Marten male
Martha female
Marthe female
Marthis male
Martin male
Martina female
Martinus male
Martta female
Martti male
Marveig female
Mas male
Massi female
Mataleena female
Matali female
Mathias male
Mathilda female
Mathilde female
Mathis male
Matias Male
Matilda female
Matrig male
Mattea female
Matteus male
Mattheus male
Matthias male
Matti male
Mattis male
Matts male
Mauno male
Maunu male
Maurits male
Maust aka Moritz male
May female
Megen male
Megengerd female
Mekol female
Merethe female
Meselle female
Metta female
Mette female
Mia female
Michael male
Michel male
Miina female
Mikael male
Mikaeli male
Mikjel male
Mikkel male
Mikko male
Mild male
Milda female
Mildar male
Mildfrid female
Mildrid female
Milla female
Mille female
Mina female
Minken female
Minna female
Miriam female
Moa female
Mod male
Mode male
Modgunn female
Modheid female
Modolv male
Modrek male
Modulf male
Mogens male
Molfri female
Mons male
Mooni male
Moritz aka Maust male
Morten male
Mortinus male
Moses male
Munde male
Mundgerd female
Mundhild female
Muoni male
Märta female
Målfrid female
Mårten male
Märrede female


Name Sex
Na male
Naa male
Nad male
Naema female
Nain male
Nanna female
Nanne male
Nanni female
Naomi female
Narfi male
Narok male
Narve male
Narvi male
Natalia female
Nathan male
Nathanael male
Nathaniel male
Navar male
Nayd male
Nella female
Nelle female
Nelli female
Nellione female
Nereid male
Nerid male
Neta female
Nib male
Nicke male
Nicodemus male
Nicolaus male
Nidad male
Nidbjørg female
Nide male
Nidgest male
Nidung male
Niels male
Niila male
Niilo male
Niki male
Niklas male
Nikolai male
Nikolaus male
Nikolina female
Niku male
Nilla female
Nille female
Nina female
Nils male
Ninian male
Niri male
Nirid male
Nisse male
Njell male
Njål male
Noach male
Noak male
Noe male
Nora female
Nordvald male
Notto male
Nottolv male
Nub male
Nup male
Nuup male
Nuutti male


Name Sex
Oberg male
Obmund male
Od male
Oda female
Odelfrid female
Odd male
Odda female
Oddberg male
Oddbjørg female
Oddbjørn male
Odde male
Odder male
Oddfinn male
Oddfrid female
Oddfrød male
Oddgelr male
Oddgerd female
Oddgjer male
Oddgny male
Oddgrim male
Oddhild female
Oddi male
Oddjer male
Oddkatla female
Oddkell male
Oddlaug female
Oddleiv male
Oddleiv female
Oddmar male
Oddmund male
Oddny female
Oddrek male
Oddrun female
Oddstein male
Oddveig male
Oddvin male
Oddvor female
Odea female
Oden male
Odger male
Odh male
Odin male
Odt male
Odulf male
Offe male
Ogmund male
Ogvald male
Ohla male
Ola male
Ola female
Olaf male
Olau female
Olaug female
Olaus male
Olav male
Olava female
Olave male
Olavi male
Olavia female
Olavus male
Olbjørn male
Oldine female
Ole male
Olea female
Oleana female
Olef male
Oleiv male
Olena female
Olga female
Olgeir male
Olgunn female
Olia female
Oliana female
Olina female
Oline female
Oliv female
Oliver male
Olka female
Olla male
Ollaug female
Olle male
Olleiv male
Olleiv female
Olli male
Olmod male
Olof male
Olou female
Oloug female
Olov female
Olrek male
Olrun female
Olu female
Oluf female
Oluf male
Olufa female
Olug female
Oluv female
Olve male
Olvald male
Olvalde male
Olvar male
Olve male
Olver male
Olvid male
Olvor female
Ommund male
Onund male
On male
Onar male
Ond male
One male
Onni female
Onund male
Ored male
Orlog female
Orlov female
Orm male
Ormar male
Ormer male
Ormfrid female
Ormhild female
Ormkell male
Ormlaug female
Ormstein male
Oscar male
Oskaria female
Oslau female
Osmund male
Ossian male
Ossur male
Ostein male
Osu male
Osvald male
Othe male
Ottar male
Otte male
Otter male
Ottilia female
Ottiliana female
Otto male
Ouden male
Ouen male
Ove male
Over male
Ovin male
Ovond male
Ovunn female


(P and B may be interchangeable)

Name Sex
Paal male
Paavali male
Paavo male
Pafvel male
Pafwel male
Pahl male
Pal male
Palle male
Palme male
Palne male
Paul male
Paula female
Paulina female
Pauline female
Paulinus male
Paulus male
Pear male
Pedar male
Peder male
Pehr male
Pekka male
Pella female
Pelle male
Pelli male
Pentti male
Per male
Perman male
Pernilla female
Pernille female
Peroline female
Per male
Petua female
Pertti male
Perttyli male
Peter male
Petra female
Petrea female
Pertri male
Petrina female
Petronella female
Petronelle female
Petrus male
Petter male
Philip male
Philipa female
Philobine female
Pietari male
Pia female
Pieti male
Pirkko female
Pofvel male
Pol male
Povel male
Priska female
Pähr male
Pälle male
Pär male
Pål male
Påvel male


Name Sex
Raadgerd female
Raag male
Raagjer female
Raajer female
Raal male
Raamund male
Raannaug female
Rachel female
Radborg female
Radgeir male
Radgerd female
Radhild female
Radi female
Radleiv male
Radmod male
Radrnund male
Radny female
Radolv male
Radorm male
Radvald male
Radvard male
Radveig female
Rafael male
Raffel male
Rafnhild female
Rafval male
Ragla female
Ragna female
Ragnald male
Ragnar male
Ragnbjørg female
Ragnborg female
Ragndi female
Ragndid female
Ragne male
Ragnel female
Ragnelf female
Ragnfrid female
Ragnfrød male
Ragnheid female
Ragnhild female
Ragni female
Ragnil female
Ragnild female
Ragnilda female
Ragnille female
Ragnmund male
Ragntrud female
Ragnulf male
Ragnvald male
Ragnvar male
Ragnveig female
Ragnvi female
Ragnvid male
Ragval male
Ragvald male
Ragvast male
Rakel female
Ral male
Ramborg female
Ramfri female
Ramfrö female
Ramund male
Ranaug female
Rande male
Randgunn female
Randi female
Randmod male
Randmøy female
Randolf male
Randolv male
Randve male
Randveg female
Randvei female
Randvid male
Ranei female
Rangdi female
Rangel female
Rangela female
Rangele female
Rangvald male
Rannei female
Rannfrid female
Ranni female
Rannmod male
Rannveig female
Ranøy female
Rasmus male
Raval male
Ravald male
Ravn male
Ravnhild female
Ravnkell male
Ravnstein male
Real male
Realf male
Realv male
Rebecka female
Reer male
Reeta female
Reetu male
Regen male
Regenald male
Regengrim male
Regenleiv male
Regenmod male
Reginus male
Reiar male
Reidalv male
Reidar male
Reidgeir male
Reidmar male
Reidolv male
Reidulf male
Reidunn female
Reiel male
Reiel female
Reier male
Reinhard male
Reinhold male
Reiulf male
Rejer male
Rejner male
Rejnert male
Reko male
Rekorius male
Relf male
Remund male
Rennick male
Retrikka female
Riborg female
Richard male
Rieti male
Rietrikki male
Rietu male
Riikka female
Riin female
Riina female
Riitta female
Rika female
Rikard male
Rikarda female
Rikbjørg female
Riken female
Rikke female
Rikolv male
Rikøy female
Rikvald male
Rim male
Rimgerd female
Rimgrim female
Rimhild female
Risa female
Ristiina female
Risto male
Roald male
Roar male
Robert male
Rodbjørg female
Rode female
Rodgeir male
Rodgerd female
Rodkell male
Rodmar male
Rodmund male
Rodny male
Rodny female
Rodrik male
Rodstein male
Rodulf male
Roe male
Rogeir male
Roger male
Roggert male
Rogna female
Rognald male
Rognelle female
Rognvald male
Rognveig female
Roland male
Rolf male
Rollaug female
Rolle male
Rollef male
Rolleiv male
Rollov female
Rolph male
Rolv male
Romar male
Romert male
Romund male
Rondolv male
Rosa female
Rosina female
Rossbjørn male
Rosskell male
Ruben male
Rudolf male
Run male
Runa female
Rune male
Runelf female
Runfrid female
Runhild female
Runolv male
Runulf male
Runvid male
Rutger male
Rut female
Ruth female
Ryngils male
Rynjus male
Røier female
Rønjus male
Rønnaug female
Rønnog female
Rønnoug female
Rørek male
Rörik male


(Names beginning with the letter “s” can also begin with the letter “z”)

Name Sex
Saalaug female
Saamund male
Saave male
Sachris male
Saeberg male
Saebjørg female
Saebjørn male
Saefinn male
Saefinna female
Saefred male
Saefrid female
Saefrød male
Saefus male
Saegeir male
Saegrim male
Saehild female
Saekoll male
Saekvat male
Saelaug female
Saemund male
Saeolv male
Saeolve male
Saereiv male
Saerek male
Saetor male
Saeund male
Saeunn female
Saevald male
Saevalde male
Saevar male
Saevard male
Saevat male
Saevid male
Saevor female
Saevre male
Safira female
Saga female
Sakarias male
Sakris male
Saksbjørn male
Sakse male
Salbjørg female
Saldis female
Sale male
Salgard male
Salgeir male
Salgerd female
Salkko male
Salme male
Salmøy female
Salmund male
Salny female
Salo male
Salome female
Salomon male
Salve male
Salvid male
Salvine female
Samel male
Sammeli male
Sammu male
Sammund male
Samson male
Samuel male
Samuli male
Samund male
Sandar male
Sande male
Sander male
Sandfrid female
Sandolv male
Sandra female
Sane male
Sanfred male
Sanfrida female
Sanna female
Sante male
Santeri male
Sara female
Sareus male
Saul male
Sava female
Save male
Save female
Saxe male
Schøluf male
Sebbe male
Sebjør female
Sebjørn male
Sebulon male
Secunda female
Sedenius male
Sefanias male
Sefind female
Sefre male
Segol male
Seier male
Seiert male
Selfast male
Selma female
Sem male
Seming male
Semming male
Serianna female
Serine female
Serkve male
Sesselja female
Sestrid female
Seth male
Sevald male
Sevard male
Sevat male
Seved male
Severin male
Sevre male
Sevrid male
Sibba female
Sibbe male
Sibian male
Sidsel female
Sifvert male
Sigar male
Sigbald male
Sigberg male
Sigbjør female
Sigbjørg female
Sigbjørn male
Sigborg female
Sigbrand male
Sigdis female
Sige male
Sigfast male
Sigfinn male
Sigfinna female
Sigfred male
Sigfrid male
Sigfrida female
Sigfrød male
Sigfus male
Sigga female
Siggard male
Siggaut male
Sigge male
Siggeir male
Siggerd female
Siggi female
Sighjalm male
Sighvat male
Sigkvat male
Sigleik male
Sigleiv male
Sigmar male
Sigmund male
Signe female
Signi female
Signild female
Signy female
Sigolv male
Sigri female
Sigrid female
Sigrun female
Sigstein male
Sigsten male
Sigte male
Sigtor male
Sigtora female
Sigtru female
Sigtrud female
Sigtrygg male
Sigul male
Sigulf male
Sigun female
Sigur male
Sigurd male
Sigvald male
Sigvalde male
Sigvat male
Sigvard male
Sigvart male
Sigvat male
Sigvei female
Sigveig female
Sigvid male
Sigvor male
Siikkri female
Siimoni male
Siiri female
Sikke female
Sikne female
Silas male
Silja female
Sille female
Silluf female
Simen male
Simeon male
Simo male
Simon male
Sindre male
Sipi male
Siri female
Sirine female
Sirianne female
Sisel female
Sissa female
Sissel female
Sissela female
Sitsel female
Sitzel female
Sivar male
Sivard male
Sive male
Sivet male
Sivert male
Siønne male
Sjofar male
Sjor male
Sjovat male
Sjovor female
Sjugur male
Sjugurd male
Sjul male
Sjunne male
Sjunnia female
Sjurd male
Sjøfar male
Sjønde male
Sjønne male
Sjøvald male
Skage male
Skagje male
Skakk male
Skjaldar male
Skjaldbjørn male
Skjalddis female
Skjalde male
Skjaldgerd female
Skjaldmar male
Skjaldvor female
Skjelluf male
Skjold male
Skjolde male
Skjoldolv male
Skjoldulf male
Skjolvor female
Skjølle male
Skjøller male
Skølle male
Skule male
Snae male
Snaebjørg female
Snaebjørn male
Snaedis female
Snaefrid female
Snaelaug female
Snaeolv male
Snaevar male
Snare male
Snorre male
Sofia female
Sofie female
Sohvi female
Soksolvl male
Sollaug female
Sollor female
Solmund male
Solomon male
Solrun female
Solva female
Solvar male
Solve male
Solveig female
Solvor female
Sominette female
Sommund male
Soppo female
Soraundra female
Sondolf male
Sondolv male
Sondov male
Sondre male
Sone male
Sophie female
Sove female
Staal male
Staale male
Staffan male
Starkad male
Starkolv male
Starkve male
Stefan male
Stefania female
Stefanus male
Steffen male
Stein male
Steina male
Steina female
Steinanne female
Steinar male
Steinarna female
Steinberg male
Steinbjørg female
Steinbjørn male
Steinboge male
Steine male
Steinfinn male
Steinfrid female
Steinfrød male
Steingard male
Steingerd female
Steingrim male
Steinhild female
Steinkell male
Steinlaug female
Steinleiv male
Steinmar male
Steinmod male
Steinny female
Steinodd male
Steinolv male
Steinor female
Steinrim male
Steintor male
Steintora female
Steinul male
Steinuld male
Steinulf male
Steinunn female
Steinuv male
Steinvald male
Steinvard male
Steinvor female
Steivor female
Steinør female
Steinøy female
Stella female
Sten male
Stenaar female
Stenar male
Stenbjörn male
Stener male
Stengrim male
Stenhild female
Stenkil male
Stenør female
Stenord female
Stenu male
Stenulf male
Stenvor female
Stephan male
Stephen male
Sterkol male
Stevor male
Stian male
Stiand male
Stig male
Stigan male
Stigand male
Stillaug female
Stilleif male
Stillev male
Stillot male
Stilloug female
Stilluv male
Stina female
Stine female
Stinchen female
Stolv male
Storbjörn male
Stroar male
Styrgard male
Styrgeir male
Styrgerd female
Styrk male
Styrkaa male
Styrkar male
Styrker male
Styrkoll male
Styrlaug female
Styrle male
Styrleiv male
Styrrek male
Suen male
Sumarlide male
Sundfrød female
Sundolv male
Sundre male
Sundvis male
Sune male
Sunna female
Sunne male
Sunnev female
Sunnleiv male
Sunnolv male
Sunnulf male
Susanna female
Svaanaug female
Svalaug female
Svale male
Svan male
Svana female
Svanaug female
Svanberg male
Svanbjørg female
Svanbjørn male
Svandhild female
Svandis female
Svanfrid female
Svanhild female
Svanild female
Svanlaug female
Svanmund male
Svanrun female
Svante male
Svantrud female
Svanvald male
Svava female
Svavad male
Svavar male
Svavmund male
Svein male
Sveina female
Sveinberg male
Sveinbjørg female
Sveinbjørn male
Sveindis female
Sveine male
Sveinfrid female
Sveingerd female
Sveinhild female
Sveinka female
Sveinke male
Sveinlaug female
Sveinmar male
Sveinny female
Sveinolv male
Sveinøy female
Sveinrun female
Sveintor male
Sveinung male
Sveinuv male
Sveinveig female
Sven male
Svenald male
Svenbjörn male
Svenborg female
Svend male
Svendborg female
Svenika female
Svening male
Svenke male
Svennou female
Svennung male
Sventa female
Svente male
Svenung male
Sverke male
Sverker male
Sverkil male
Sverre male
Svän male
Swan male
Swen male
Sygni female
Sylvei female
Sylveig female
Sylvest male
Sylvesta female
Sylvia female
Synev female
Synneva female
Syprian male
Syver male
Syverine female
Svän male
Sæbjørg female
Sæbjørn male
Sæfinn male
Sæfred male
Sægeir male
Sæmund male
Sævald male
Sævard male
Säfved male
Søffren male
Sølfest male
Sølveig female
Sølvfest male
Sølvi female
Sønnøv female
Sørve male
Søvei female
Söfren male
Sögni female
Sönne male
Sönneve female
Sönnevi female
Sören male


(Names beginning with the letter T can also begin with the letter Th. T may also be interchangeable with D)

Name Sex
Taale male
Taaraan female
Taaran female
Taaren female
Tabitha female
Taddak male
Taddeiv male
Taga female
Tage male
Tahvo male
Taletha female
Tallak male
Tallaug female
Talleiv male
Talline female
Taneli male
Tapani male
Tarald male
Taran male
Tarbjørn male
Targer female
Targjerd female
Tarjaer female
Tarje male
Tarjei male
Tarjer female
Tarkell male
Tarkjel male
Tea female
Tegn male
Tegnbjørn male
Tegnlaug female
Teija female
Tekla female
Tellef male
Telleiv male
Telline female
Tengel male
Teodor male
Teodora female
Teodorina female
Teofil male
Teofila female
Teomine female
Terbjørg female
Teresia female
Tergjaer female
Tergjer male
Terja female
Terjar female
Terje male
Terjer male
Terjer female
Terkjel male
Thaddeus male
Thale female
Thamar female
Thea female
Thinka female
Thol male
Thomas male
Thor male
Thue male
Thörris male
Tidemand male
Tiina female
Tilda female
Tille female
Timoteus male
Tina female
Tiodulf male
Tiril female
Tirild female
Tjaerand male
Tjel male
Tjell male
Tjelfve male
Tjerand male
Tjodar male
Tjodbjørg female
Tjodbjørn male
Tjode male
Tjodgeir male
Tjodgerd female
Tjodhild female
Tjodje male
Tjodkell male
Tjodleiv male
Tjodmar male
Tjodolv male
Tjodrek male
Tjodstein male
Tjodunn female
Tjodvald male
Tjodvor female
Tjodvor male
Tjogjei male
Tjojei male
Tjostar male
Tjostolv male
Tjostvald male
Tjov male
Tjäl male
Tjäll male
Tjøger male
Tjøl male
Tjølv male
Tjøstar male
Tjøstel male
Tjøster male
Tjøstof male
Tjøstol male
Tjøstolv male
Tjøstov male
Tjøvald male
Tobba female
Tobbe male
Tobias male
Tobine female
Todda female
Todde male
Toddeiv male
Todne female
Toka female
Toke male
Tol male
Tola female
Tolda female
Tole male
Tolf male
Toline female
Tolla female
Tollak male
Tollaug female
Tolle male
Tollef male
Tollei male
Tolleik male
Tolleiv male
Tollev male
Tolli male
Tolline female
Tolloug female
Tolv male
Tomas male
Tomasina female
Tomine female
Tone female
Toijvo male
Tonje female
Tonni female
Tool male
Topi male
Topias male
Tor male
Tora female
Torald male
Toralde male
Toralv male
Torar male
Toraren male
Torarna female
Torbein male
Torben male
Torber female
Torber male
Torbera female
Torberg male
Torbern male
Torbjør female
Torbjørg female
Torbjörn male
Torbrand male
Tord male
Tordis female
Tore male
Tore female
Torelf female
Torelv female
Toren female
Torer male
Torfast male
Torfind male
Torfinn male
Torfinna female
Torfrid female
Torfrød male
Torgal male
Torgar male
Torgard male
Torgaut male
Torgborg female
Torgeir male
Torger male
Torgerd female
Torgest male
Torggei male
Torgils male
Torgis male
Torgjaer female
Torgjels male
Torgjer male
Torgjerd female
Torgjuls male
Torgny male
Torgot male
Torgrim male
Torgrima female
Torgun female
Torgunn female
Torgunna female
Torgöt male
Torhadd male
Torhall male
Torhalla female
Torheid female
Torhi female
Torhild female
Torhvat male
Tori female
Torid female
Torild female
Torilda female
Torilla female
Torine female
Toris male
Torivil male
Torjaer female
Torjer female
Torjes male
Torjuls male
Torjus male
Torkatla female
Torkel male
Torkell male
Torkil male
Torkjell male
Torkvat male
Torla male
Torlaf male
Torlak male
Torlaug female
Torlav male
Torlef male
Torleif male
Torleik male
Torljot male
Torljot female
Torljoth female
Torm male
Tormar male
Tormo male
Tormod male
Tormund male
Torn male
Torne male
Torner male
Torni female
Torny female
Torodd male
Torodda female
Torolf male
Torolv male
Tororm male
Torov male
Torotei female
Torri female
Torrid female
Torstein male
Torsten male
Toruf male
Torulf male
Torun female
Torunn female
Toruv male
Torvald male
Torvar male
Torvard male
Torvast male
Torve female
Torve male
Torveig female
Torvi female
Torvid male
Torvil male
Torvor female
Torø female
Toste male
Tostein male
Tov male
Tova female
Tove male
Trand male
Trasar male
Trase male
Traslaug female
Trasmund male
Trina female
Trine female
Trinius male
Troed male
Troen female
Tron male
Trond male
Trotte male
Trottolv male
Trua female
Trud female
Truda female
Trudgils male
True female
Trued male
Truels male
Truen female
Trufve male
Trufvid male
Trugils male
Trulls male
Truls male
Truve male
Truvid male
Trydrek male
Trygg male
Trygge male
Tryggva female
Tryggve male
Tryggveig female
Tubbe male
Tue male
Tufve male
Tuke male
Tune male
Tuoma male
Tuoppa male
Tura female
Ture male
Turi female
Turid female
Turinna female
Turne male
Tuve male
Tybrand male
Tyge male
Tygge male
Tyggve male
Tyke male
Tykvat male
Tylaug female
Tynni female
Tyra female
Tyrgils male
Tyri female
Tyriel male
Tyris male
Tyvar male
Tøger male
Tølleiv male
Tølli male
Tølløv male
Tønni male
Tøran male
Tørand female
Tøres male
Tøri female
Tørjer male
Tørla female
Tørres male
Tørris male
Tøster male
Tönne male
Tönnes male
Töre male
Törje male


Name Sex
Ubbe male
Udde male
Uddmund male
Uddorm male
Udve female
Uffe male
Ulf male
Ulfhild female
Ulla female
Ulle male
Ulrich male
Ulricha female
Ulrik male
Ulriika female
Ulrika female
Ulv male
Ulvar male
Ulvaren male
Ulvarna female
Ulvbjørn male
Ulvbrand male
Ulve male
Ulvgard male
Ulvgeir male
Ulvgest male
Ulvgrim male
Ulvheid female
Ulvhild female
Ulvild female
Ulvkell male
Ulvkvat male
Ulvljot male
Ulvrek male
Ulvrun female
Ulvstein male
Ulvvid male
Una female
Und female
Une male
Unge male
Unn female
Unna female
Unnar male
Unne male
Unnfrød male
Unngerd female
Unni female
Unnolv male
Unnstein male
Unntor male
Unny female
Uolevi male
Urban male
Urbanus male
Uriel male
Urpo male
Usmund male
Uv male
Uve male


(The letters V
and W are used

Name Sex
Val male
Valberg female
Valbjørg female
Valbjørn male
Valborg female
Valbrand male
Vald male
Valda female
Valdar male
Valde male
Valdemar male
Valdis female
Valdny female
Vale male
Valentin male
Valfrid female
Valgad male
Valgaut male
Valgeir male
Valgerd female
Valgjaer female
Valgrim male
Valjer female
Valke male
Vall male
Valmund male
Valny female
Valpuri female
Valstein male
Valtjov male
Valtor male
Valty male
Vana female
Vappu female
Varde male
Vaste male
Vatnar male
Veald male
Vebjørg female
Vebjørn male
Vebrand male
Vedis female
Vedle male
Vefrid female
Vefrød female
Vedfrøyja female
Vegard male
Vegaut male
Vegeir male
Veger male
Vegerd female
Vegerd female
Vegger male
Veggest male
Vegils male
Vegjeir male
Vegjerd female
Vehild female
Veier male
Veiul male
Vekell male
Velaug female
Veleiv male
Velgier female
Velgjaer male
Velgjaer female
Veljer female
Vellas male
Velle male
Vellik male
Vemund male
Vendela female
Veny female
Verald male
Vergest male
Vermund male
Verna female
Vernik male
Vestar male
Veste male
Vestein male
Vestgeir male
Vestmar male
Vetle male
Vetlide male
Vetorm male
Vetorn male
Vetterlide male
Vevig female
Via male
Viar male
Vibeke female
Vibjörn male
Vibrand male
Vidar male
Vidfinn male
Vidfrød male
Vidgaut male
Vidgeir male
Vidhild female
Vidkunn male
Vidolv male
Vidrik male
Vidulf male
Viel female
Vier male
Vifrid female
Vifve male
Vigar male
Vigberg male
Vigbjørn male
Vigbrand male
Vigdis female
Vige male
Viger male
Vigerd female
Vigfast male
Vigfrid female
Vigfus male
Viggeir male
Vigger male
Vigkvat male
Viglak male
Viglaug male
Vigleik male
Vigmar male
Vigmund male
Vigolv male
Vigrad male
Vigstein male
Vigsterk male
Vigulf male
Vigvald male
Viild female
Viilhelmiina female
Vikar male
Viking male
Viktor male
Viktoria female
Vilberg male
Vilbjørg female
Vilboge male
Vilborg female
Vilfrid female
Vilgeir male
Vilgerd female
Vilgjaer male
Vilgjaer female
Vilhelm male
Vilho male
Vilje male
Viljer male
Vilken male
Villads male
Villak male
Villas male
Villats male
Ville male
Villeig male
Villeik male
Villich male
Villik male
Villum male
Vilmund male
Vilppu male
Vilrek male
Vincens male
Vincentz male
Virik male
Viola female
Virginia female
Viva female
Viveka female
Viveke female
Vivi female
Vivia female
Vivicka female
Voddju male
Volund male
Vraal male
Vral male
Vrei male
Vrold male
Vroller male
Vuolevi male
Vuolo male


Note: Vs and Ws are often interchangable.

Name Sex
Walfrid male
Walter male
Werardus male
Werner male
Wilhelm male
Wilhelmina female
Wilma female
Woldedrik male
Wolfdidrik male
Wollert male
Wollmar male


(Note: Y, I, and J may be interchanged in some instances)

Name Sex
Yar male
Yjar male
Yngvar male
Yngve male
Yngvild female
Yngvor female
Ynnert male
Yrjar male
Yrjänä male
Yrjö male
Ystein male
Ytorm male


(S and Z may be used interchangeably)

Name Sex
Zacharias male
Zachris male
Zander male
Zefanias male
Zidsel female
Zippora female


(E may have been used in place of Ä)

Name Sex
Ärllan male


(E may have been used in place of Æ)

Name Sex
Æddi female


Name Sex
Øbjørn male
Ødbjør female
Ødnulf m
Ødven male
Ødbjødn male
Ølbjørn male
Øllaug female
Øllegaard female
Ølver male
Ømbjør female
Ørger male
Ørgjer male
Ørian male
Ørjan male
Ørn male
Ørnolv male
Ørvarod male
Østine female
Øvan male
Øven male
Øyan female
Øybjørg female
Øybrand male
Øydis female
Øyel male
Øyfast male
Øyfrid female
Øyfrod male
Øygeir male
Øygerd female
Øygils male
Øygrim male
Øygunn female
Øyhild female
Øyja female
Øyar male
Øyjolv male
Øylaug female
Øylaug male
Øyleiv male
Øyleiv female
Øyliv male
Øylov female
Øymod male
Øymund male
Øyolf male
Øyrun female
Øystein male
Øytjov male
Øytor male
Øytora female
Øytrud female
Øyuf male
Øyulf male
Øyulv male
Øyunn female
Øyur male
Øyuv male
Øyvald male
Øyveig male
Øyven male
Øyvin male
Øyvind male
Øyvor female


Name Sex
Ödgerd female
Ödhild female
Ödis female
Ödun female
Öborg female
Öfvid male
Öjar male
Öjer male
Öndar male
Önnar male
Önne male
Önner male
Önnert male
Östen male
Öyar male


Genealogical Society of Utah. Scandinavian Records Extraction: an Instructional Guide. Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Utah, 1981.