Saxony (Sachsen), Germany Genealogy

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Go to the Wiki article, Saxony (Sachsen), German Empire Genealogy, to learn how to search for your family that lived in Saxony (Sachsen). Germany was unified into the German Empire in 1871. This Research Wiki, the FamilySearch Catalog, and FamilySearch Historical Records are organized by the localities and place names as of 1871.

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A few small areas, listed below, came from the Province of Saxony (Sachsen Provinz) or Silesia (Schlesien). For the best information on whether your ancestors' town was in Saxony (Sachsen), Province of Saxony (Provinz Sachsen), or Silesia (Schlesien), find the town in Meyer's 1871 Gazetteer Online.

The Kingdom of Saxony (Sachsen)


Modern State of Saxony
Former Kingdom of Saxony
with Annexed Areas (See List Below.)

Saxony modern map.png

Areas of Modern Saxony Annexed from Other 1871 States

Bautzen Kreis, Saxony:

  • Most of this Kreis was originally in Saxony, except for:
    • City of Hoyerswerda, Silesia (no records in library at this time)

Görlitz Kreis, Saxony

  • Görlitz City, Silesia
  • Görlitz Kreis, Silesia
  • Rothenburg Kreis, Silesia

Nordsachsen Kreis, Saxony

  • Delitzch Kreis, Province of Saxony
  • Torgau Kreis, Province of Saxony

Nordsachsen Kreis, Saxony (continued)

  • Municipalities of Bitterfeld Kreis, Province of Saxony
    • Authausen
    • Durchwehna
    • Görschlitz
    • Kossa
  • Municipalities from Liebenwerda Kreis, Province of Saxony
    • Blumberg
    • Stehla
  • Municipalities from Wittenberg Kreis, Province of Saxony
    • Korgau
    • Wörlitz
    • Dahlenberg