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Beginning Research
Record Types
Quebec Background
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To begin research in records from the province of Québec, use these records in the following order:

  1. Church Records
  2. Civil Registration (Vital Records)
  3. Genealogy
  4. Census
  5. Notarial Records
  6. Land and Property

If you are unable to locate families in indexes to church records and vital records, try indexes described in Quebec Land and Property. Canada Record Finder can also help you decide which records to search, especially for research in records created after the year 1800.

When requesting information by mail from societies, professional researchers, or Catholic parishes in Québec, you are more likely to be successful if your letter is brief and very specific. See France Letter Writing Guide for suggestions on writing to French-speaking people in Québec. Many people in Québec read and write English. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope when writing to someone within your own nation. When you write to people in other nations, consider using, instead, an international bank draft.

Ruesch International bank drafts. An easy and inexpensive way to send money from North America to Europe is to telephone Ruesch International Financial Services at 800-424-2923. Ask for an international bank draft for the equivalent of the amount in Euros. There is a service charge. Have the check made payable to the organization. Ruesch will give you a transaction number to write on your payment check. Send the payment to:

Ruesch International Financial Services

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When they receive your payment, Ruesch will promptly send you a foreign currency draft (check) that you can mail to Canada, Europe, or other international locations outside of the United States.