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#REDIRECT [[Hiring a Professional Researcher]]
| style="vertical-align:bottom;" | [[Image:Help-content.png|55px|Help-content.png]]
| Disclaimer: This list of professional genealogists is not intended to be an official endorsement by FamilySearch or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
<br> Below is a list of professional researchers who offer fee-based family history services to help patrons find ancestors in this State.
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! Researcher or Business
! Credentials, Professional Associations
! Hours Worked for Clients
! Genealogical Experience
! Hourly Rate Range
! class="unsortable" | Notes &amp; Links (limit 140 characters)
| *[[User:Donchallis|Donchallis]]
| 1000's<br>
| 50 years<br>
| $25<br>
| [https://sites.google.com/site/challisgenealogicalresearch/ Website]<br>
[https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/User:Legacytree1 *Legacy&nbsp;Tree Genealogists]
[https://www.legacytree.com https://legacytree.com]
| Accredited,&nbsp;University Degrees in Genealogy and Family History, Awards and Certifications. <br>
| Thousands every year since 2004.<br>
| Decades of genealogy research experience; world's highest-rated genealogy research company.<br>
| [https://www.legacytree.com Free Consultation!] Rate varies by project.<br>
| Located near the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Onsite researchers also available. Call 800.818.1476 or email queries to [mailto:Info@legacytree.com info@legacytree.com].<br>
| * Genealogists.com
[http://genealogists.com genealogists.com]
| ICAPGen, APG, BCG, FamilySearch Certifications, university degrees in Family History<br>
| Thousands<br>
| World's largest family history research firm with hundreds of years of experience<br>
| Free quote and consultation<br>
| [http://florida.genealogists.com Florida genealogists] available for research on location.<br>
| *Danny Hall Genealogy
| "Who Do You Think You Are?" Official Credits-Blair Underwood and Courteney Cox Episodes
Actual Experience In Archives And Repositories All Over The World
| Thousands<br>
| 25 Years, 60K Hours+<br>
| 40<br>
| Based In Salt Lake City.
N + S Americas, UK/Ireland And Western European/Nordic Research
SLC Group Tours And 1-On-1 Research Anywhere.
Call (888) 444-3211 Or Email DannyHall@dr.com
|[http://www.digideena.com/ *DigiDeena Family Heritage Solutions]
|Certified Genealogists®, Accredited Genealogists®, and other experienced professionals
|Over 100 years of genealogy experience among our staff.
|Visit our [http://www.digideena.com/ website], call or [mailto:hello@digideena.com email] us for a project estimate.
|Based in Denver, Colorado but we employ genealogists near the Family History Library as well as other locations in the United States. Call (720)445-5380. Email: [mailto:Hello@digideena.com hello@digideena.com]
|[https://unearthedlives.wixsite.com/genealogy/ * Unearthed Lives: Family History Research]
| APG, Ph.D., Archival Research<br><br>
| Thousands<br>
| 15 years Genealogical Research, 30 years Archival Research<br>
| Free Consultation, Flat Fee for Research Varies<br><br>
| Specializing in Southeastern U.S., Military, and Colonial Records. Contact form and email provided on website [https://unearthedlives.wixsite.com/genealogy/ @ Unearthed Lives: Family History Research]<br>

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