Papua New Guinea Compiled Genealogies

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Compiled Genealogies[edit | edit source]

  • Palauan genealogy. by Prof. Augustine Kramer; put on CDs by Elder and Sister Orval and Vonda Skousen; modern spelling by P. Kempis Mad; proof reading by Masaharu. Call no. CD Micro-P31. Palau Community College Library, Koror. Copy on Family History Center computers in Koror and Guam
  • Based on genealogical charts in vol. 2 of Kraemer's 5 volume study of Palau published as part of Results of the South Seas Expedition 1908-1910, ed. G. Thilenius, Director of the Hamberg Museum for Ethnology. Hamberg, L. Friederichsen & Co., 1917. Part II. Ethnography: B. Micronesia, Augustin Kraemer, Palau, Volumes 1-5 (1917-1929) (Augustin Kraemer volumes on Palau online at
  • On Family History Center computers throughout Micronesia in a RootsMagic database