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Palmbach is a town in Baden, Germany. It was settled by Waldensians about 1699. The early church records were written in French until about 1821. Many of the Waldensians came from the villages of La Balm, Roure and Mean in the Pragela valley in the Piedmont region of what is now Italy.

An important reference is the book written by Theo Kiefner Die Waldenser auf ihrem Weg aus dem Val Cluson durch die Schweiz nach Deutschland 1532-1820/30 Band 5 Die Ortsippenbucher der deutschen Waldenserkolonien Teil 1,1, 1,2 und 5,9 Walldorf Palmbach, Untermutschelbach, Kleinsteinbach Hugenottenkolonie Neukelsterbach

Some of the other Waldensian colonies in the area include Neuhengstett, Perouse, Pinache, Serres, Corres, Grossvillars, Kleinvillars