New York Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book

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Nationwide[edit | edit source]

  • Ronald Vern Jackson, A.I.S. U.S. Census Indexes (on Microfiche) (Bountiful, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1984). Also in online.
Search 1 1607-1819 Entire United States
Search 2 1820-1829 Entire United States
Search 3 1830-1839 Entire United States
Search 4 1840-1849 Entire United States
Search 5 1850-1860 Southern States
Search 6 1850 New England and northern states
Search 7 1850-1906 Midwestern and western states
Search 7a 1850-1906 Entire United States (searches 5, 6, and 7 combined)
Search 8 U.S. Mortality schedules
For a resource guide to using them, see Accelerated Indexing Systems U.S. Census Indexes (on Microfiche).


Statewide[edit | edit source]

1930[edit | edit source]

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1920[edit | edit source]

1910[edit | edit source]

1900[edit | edit source]

1890 Population schedule fragments[edit | edit source]

Includes only fragments from Westchester County, (Eastchester), and from Suffolk County (Brookhaven Township.)

1880[edit | edit source]

1870[edit | edit source]

1860[edit | edit source]

1850[edit | edit source]

1840[edit | edit source]

1830[edit | edit source]

1820[edit | edit source]

1810[edit | edit source]

1800[edit | edit source]

1790[edit | edit source]

Enumeration Districts[edit | edit source]

If you need to find an enumeration district, the following sources may help:

  • One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse includes these categories relating to Enumeration Districts: "Obtaining EDs for the 1900 to 1940 Census in One Step (Large Cities)," "Obtaining 1880 to 1940 ED Definitions in One Step," and "Obtaining and/or Converting 1920/1930/1940 Census EDs in One Step."
  • Kirkham, E. Kay. A Handy Guide to Record- Searching in the Larger Cities of the United States. Logan, Utah: Everton, 1974. (Family History Library book 973 D27kc; fiche 6010059–60.) Includes ward maps and street indexes for: Albany 1866, 1878; Buffalo 1850–1855, 1866; New York City 1850–1855, 1860, 1878; Rochester 1866, 1878; Troy 1866, 1878.
  • Hillman, Barbara and Raymond G. Matthews. Guide to the Use of the United States. Census Office. 10th Census 1880 New York City. Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1985. (Family History Library book 974.71 X22h 1880 index; fiche 6047913.)Includes Manhattan and the west part of the Bronx. Lists each ward's assembly district, election district, census enumeration district, and 1880 census Family History Library film number. Also includes street maps of each assembly district.
  • Buckway, G. Eileen. U.S. 1910 Federal Census: Unindexed States: A Guide to Finding Census Enumeration Districts for Unindexed Cities, Towns, and Villages. Salt Lake City, Utah: Family History Library, 1992. (Family History Library book 973 X2bu 1910; fiche 6101340.) Lists New York towns (or wards) with their 1910 census enumeration district numbers and Family History Library film numbers. Albany, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Manhattan and Bronx, Queens, Rochester, Schenectady, Staten Island (Richmond County), Syracuse, Troy, Utica, and Yonkers (Westchester County) each have special instructions, which often include city directory Family History Library book or film numbers.
  • United States. Bureau of the Census. Cross Index to Selected City Streets and Enumeration Districts, 1910 Census. Washington, DC: National Archives, [1984]. (51 Family History Library fiche 6331481.) Lists street addresses in Brooklyn (fiche 26–28), Manhattan and Bronx (fiche 29–31), and Staten Island (fiche 32–35) with their corresponding census enumeration districts.
  • Malmberg, Emil and Maurine. Street Indexes to Unindexed Cities in the U.S. 1910 Federal Census. Salt Lake City, Utah: Family History Library, 1993. (Family History Library book 973 X2str 1910; fiche 6104151.) Lists Queens County street addresses with their corresponding page numbers, 1910 census enumeration district numbers, and Family History Library film numbers.

Both the Family History Library and the National Archives (Washington, DC) also have 1910 enumeration district maps for Albany, Buffalo, Queens, Syracuse, Utica, and Yonkers. These maps are found in the FamilySearch Catalog Place Search under NEW YORK, [COUNTY], [CITY] - MAPS. The National Archives in Washington, DC also has similar maps for many smaller New York cities.