New London and Lyme Turnpike

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Route[edit | edit source]

Runs from New London, Connecticut, through Waterford, East Lyme to Old Lyme. A distance of about 15 miles. Today it is part of US Route 1.

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

  • Chartered May 1807.
  • US 1 generally follows the old Boston Post Road and turnpike roads built to replace it. Specifically, the Greenwich Road, chartered in 1792, was the part in Greenwich, and became part of the longer Connecticut Turnpike (New York to Fairfield) in 1806. The New Haven and Milford Turnpike (1802) continued from Milford to New Haven, and the New London and Lyme Turnpike (1807) connected Old Lyme with New London.[1]

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