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Hearth tax records (Denombrements de Feux)[edit | edit source]

Research use: Known as the "denombrements de feux" (lists of foyers or hearths), and “repartition des Aides” (payments to those in need), designed especially for raising taxes for sovereigns and for the purposes of recruiting for the militia. The preserving of these lists varies from town to town. There were no means of establishing general norms. The first listing goes back to 1317. In 1541, the lists give the name of the father of each home and in the case of his death, the name of his widow.

Record type: Enumeration of taxed households.

Time period: early to 1779.

Contents: Names of heads of households and sometimes their families.

Location: States Archives (Archives de l'Etat).

Population coverage: 10-20%.

Reliability: Good.

Accessibility: FamilySearch has microfilmed some records (17 rolls of film).[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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