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The population of the country is mostly of German and French origin, but has a distinct national consciousness. Throughout the 20th century, a considerable number of immigrants from Italy and other Mediterranean countries have settled in Luxembourg.[1]

Emigration records (emigratie registres)[edit | edit source]

Research use: Important for solving "crossing the ocean" problems and determining place of origin of an immigrant ancestor.

Record type: Emigration and immigration within Europe and lists of emigrants to the Americas and other places in the world.

Time period: 1841-present.

Contents: Names of persons who emigrated, birth dates, birthplaces, names of relationships, occupations, former places of residence, destinations, and dates of issue.

Location: National archives; Agence de Voyages Weitzel, 23, Ave. Charlotta, Luxembourg.

Population coverage: 20-30%.

Reliability: Good.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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