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Closed until further notice

Lehi Utah
FamilySearch Center

Closed until further notice
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Please bring a USB drive for scanned images / converted files.
(3.0 USB type is recommended for faster transfer speeds.)
Click Here for recommendation on USB drive sizing


3201 Garden Drive
Lehi, Utah 84043 (MAP)


Phone: 801-356-5820
Email: LehiFamilySearchCenter@gmail.com
Website: www.FamilySearch.org/fhc/lehi


No food or drink is allowed in the center. Only bottled water or a small water container with a secure cap.


Lehi Center Home Page

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Reserve Button.png Click button to schedule a date and time for your Discovery Experience

Welcome to our Discovery Experience Information Page

The Discovery Experience at Lehi FamilySearch Center offers large interactive, touchscreen monitors to learn about you and your ancestors. You will use an iPad to log into your familysearch.org account and access your family tree. You will move between several stations to discover different details about your tree. You will also have the opportunity to capture a video interview or a photo.

NOTE - Each reservation is for a maximum of 15 individuals. Up to three reservations can be made for the same time to accommodate the size of your group. Group size is limited to a total of 45 per hour. When you click the Reserve Button above, you will need to find a date and time that will accommodate your group size.

Groups larger that 45 will need to spread across two hours. Adding a classroom to your reservation will allow half of your group to visit the Discovery Experience while the other half remains in the classroom for some instruction or other appropriate family history activities. After one hour, the two groups switch places.

FOOD AND DRINK POLICY - We have a no food or drink policy at the Lehi FamilySearch Center. Only water in a secured container. This includes no sodas and candy bars. Please review this policy with your group to encourage compliance.

A good experience requires some preparation.
Download a document to help you properly prepare for your Discovery Experience

Be sure you can connect to Enhance Your Experience in the Discovery Center:

1. If you already have a FamilySearch account, be sure to bring your account username and password when you visit the Center.
2. If you do not have an account, set one up before coming by following the instructions on the link below.
.....Be sure you have at least one connection to a deceased ancestor.
3. Assistance is available at the Center to help you set up the account and to build your family tree.

Here are brief descriptions of the various Discovery stations.

Discover the meaning of your name and interesting facts, events, and trends that occurred during the year you were born.
Discover what life might have been like for you ancestors by stepping back in time and exploring their lives with stories and pictures.
Discover where your family came from and explore photos, stories, and immigration maps.
Discover how you are related to Church leaders, political leaders, founding fathers, inventors, and celebrities.
Discover how you would look as a picture of your face is superimposed onto the cultural dress of your ancestors.
Remember your visit to the FamilySearch Center by posing for a photo using any one of the many backgrounds in front of our green screen.
Capture your brief memories (4 minutes each) in these video recording studios. Group and individual studios are available.

*** Take a Video Tour of the Lehi Center and see the Discovery Experience ***

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