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Online Records[edit | edit source]

Aliyah[edit | edit source]

  • Aliyah is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel in Hebrew). Also defined as "the act of going up"—that is, towards Jerusalem—"making Aliyah" by moving to the Land of Israel is one of the most basic tenets of Zionism. The opposite action, emigration from the Land of Israel, is referred to in Hebrew as yerida ("descent").
  • The State of Israel's Law of Return gives Jews and their descendants automatic rights regarding residency and Israeli citizenship.

For much of Jewish history most Jews have lived in the diaspora where aliyah was developed as a national aspiration for the Jewish people, although it was not usually fulfilled until the development of the Zionist movement in the late nineteenth century. The large-scale immigration of Jews to Palestine began in 1882.

  • Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, more than 3 million Jews have moved to Israel.
  • As of 2014, Israel and the Palestinian territories together contain 42.9% of the world's Jewish population.
  • Source: Aliyah, Wikipedia This Wikipedia article leads to a wealth of information about emigration in different time periods and from different regions. It includes articles on the settlements in Israel established for each wave of emigrants. You should use this series of articles to learn all about the history, conditions, and probable localities related to your emigrant ancestor. Many settlements have websites with information about their early settlers.

The Israel Genealogy Research Association Online Records[edit | edit source]

The Israel Genealogy Research Association has the following emigration and immigration collections in its online searchable database. To search the database, go to their Search Engine here.

  • Jewish Pilgrims to Palestine from Mogilev Guberniya 1826-1832: 30 people from Mogilev guberniya traveling to Palestine as pilgrims from the towns and shtetls: Mogilev, Rogachev, Shklov, Chausy, Bykhov and Surazh. "The Jewish Heritage Group in Belarus"
  • List of Immigrants from January 17, 1882 to August 15, 1882: 328 immigrants, most of them coming as families."Historical Archive of the Zikhron Ya’akov Local Council"
  • Immigrants After World War I, 1918-1919: 507 persons,includes Jews entering through Egypt."Central Zionist Archives"
  • Ruslan Passenger List 19 Dec 1919: Approximately 670 passengers on the ship Ruslan, list of the heads of the families also contains the number of members of the family that were on the ship. Some of the passengers said they were returning to Eretz Israel. "Central Zionist Archives"
  • Third Aliyah: Dec 1919-Apr 1921: 4,000 names which is 2/3 of the list."Israel State Archives"
  • Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Zionist Convicts from the Soviet Union, 1924-1934: 1759 names of people of the many thousands of active Zionists in the Soviet Union. "Donated by Prof. Boris Morozov and Prof. Ziva Galili", built while compiling the data for their book Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Zionist Convicts from the Soviet Union, 1924-1934.
  • Jewish Lithuanians who came on aliyah to Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel. 1931-1944: from "LitvakSIG"
  • List of Farmers from Galicia Requesting Aliyah 1935: 51 people requesting to make aliyah to Eretz Israel. "Pinhas Lavon Institute for Labour Movement Research."
  • Deportation Lists 1939: 6,282 people on 13 ships captured in 1939."British Police in the Israel State Archives"
  • Illegal Immigrants: "Israel State Archives"
  • Immigration to Palestine 1942-1943 Miscellaneous: 2,000 immigrants from various documents. "Central Zionist Archives"
  • HaHistadrut Hazionit Hahadasha Rescue Committee, Requests for Certificates 1943-44: Request certificates for aliyah from Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Soviet Russia "Jabotinsky Institute in Tel-Aviv"
  • Illegal Immigrants Deported to Mauritius 1944: 443 people these lists: persons with Free State Danzig passports, persons with Free State Danzig Alien passports, and persons with German State Aliens’ passports issued at Danzig. "National Archives (UK) in London"
  • Refugees in Mauritius 1944-45: 330 Polish Nationals from Danzug interned on Mauritius. "National Archives (UK) in London"
  • 'Swiss Aliyah Requests 1945: 213 names of people requesting aliyah to Eretz Israel. "National Archives (UK) in London"
  • The Illegal Immigrants 1939 -1948: ongoing project over many years, with updates of additional names to the database."Central Zionist Archives"
  • Atlit Database Index: Database of “Bintivey Ha’apala” Clandestine Jewish Immigration Information and Research Center i
  • Lists of Immigrants from Hungary 1947: 35,000 names. "Central Zionist Archives"'
  • Miscellaneous Lists Dealing with Immigration from Europe 1942-43: "Central Zionist Archives"
  • Operation Eagles’ Wings (Magic Carpet )
  • A list of airlifted from the Hashed Camp in Aden: 1, 359 residents of Aden
  • Phase Three: 45,000 members of the Yemen Jewish community airlifted
  • South African Aliyah: by Ann Rabinowitz from information the South African Jewry 1976-77.
  • Galveston Plan – Immigrants to the United States under the Galveston Plan 1910-1914: 5,009 persons. who immigrated to the United States under the Galveston Plan. "Donated by Prof. Gur Alroey of Haifa University."[edit | edit source]

  • Israel, Sarajevo Survivors Who Went to Israel, December 1948 at ($). This database lists almost 2,500 people who left Sarajevo for Israel in December 1948. Many were Holocaust survivors. Entries may include the following details:
    • name
    • maiden name
    • year of birth
    • whereabouts, 1941–1945
    • father’s name
    • mother’s name
    • surviving spouse’s name and birthplace and year
    • other surviving family members
    • number of additional family members in list
    • comments

  • Immigrants of the "Biria", 1946, index and images, ($). This collection contains the names of approximately 1,000 Jewish survivors who sailed from Sete, a small French port 200 km west of Marseille, to Palestine in 1946. These records come from a book called Underground to Palestine, which was written by one of the passengers named I.F. Stone. Some of the information includes the name, age, birthplace, and the place in Israel where the people settled.

This database contain an index of details extracted from deportation orders of illegal immigrants to Palestine from Nazi-occupied Europe and postwar Europe from 1938–1947. During this time, Great Britain exercised a mandate over Palestine and enforced strict immigration quotas. Jewish refugees who entered Palestine without valid entry permits were considered illegal immigrants. The information in this database is from Palestine Mandate Authority Police Force questionnaires and other documentation. Some of the information pertains to Jews from Vienna and Bratislava whom British authorities subsequently deported to a holding camp on Mauritius. The original documents are held by the Israel State Archives.
Records in this database have been extracted from several different document types, primarily:
application for an order of deportation
memorandum of personal data
particulars of an illegal immigrant
order of deportation
bond for appearance
While this database does not include images of these documents, indexed records for individuals may include details such as:
  • name
  • gender
  • age
  • birth date
  • birthplace
  • father’s name
  • mother’s name
  • residence
  • occupation
  • employer
  • languages spoken
  • address in country of origin
  • religion
  • marital status
  • spouse’s name
  • present nationality
  • party affiliation
  • dependents
  • previous residence
  • present circumstances
  • last departure date
  • entry date
  • entry location
  • entry ship
  • route followed
  • passport details
  • document details
  • height
  • arrest date
  • offence
  • offence date
  • dependents
  • document location
  • document date
  • document number
Ordering Records
Additional details about these victims may be included in the original records. While the index is freely accessible from, the images of these records are not available in this database. Copies of the images can be ordered at no cost from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Click here for ordering information.