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=== Germans to Latin America  ===
=== Germans to Latin America  ===
*http://www.rootsweb.com/~brawgw/alemanha/historia_petropolis_imi1859.htm lists of Germans immigrating to Brazil [in Portuguese]
*[http://www.rootsweb.com/~brawgw/alemanha/historia_petropolis_imi1859.htm Lists of Germans immigrating to Brazil], in Portuguese.
*http://www.pilleux.cl/genealogia/Alemanes/ - German immigrants to Chile
*[http://www.pilleux.cl/genealogia/Alemanes/ German immigrants to Chile]
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Many lists of German emigrants listing towns of origin are found on the internet. Following is a list of useful websites. Additional material can be found by entering the German region plus the terms “emigrants, emigration” or their German equivalents: “Auswanderer, Auswanderung” in a search engine.

General Information[edit | edit source]

U.S. and German passenger lists and indexes[edit | edit source]

Regional Lists and Indexes of Emigrants[edit | edit source]

Baden Glatzle collection emigrants from Baden and Wuerttemberg
Bayern/Bavaria Emigrants from Oberbayern,($)
Braunschweig/Brunswick Every-name index to Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig 1846-1871, by Fritz Gruhne
Hannover/Hanover Emigrants from Northern Friesland

Former county of Wildeshausen emigrants
15,000 emigrants from the Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim regions

Hessen/Hesse Auswanderung aus dem Rheingau PDF
Lippe-Detmold Emigrants from Lippe-Detmold
Mecklenburg-Schwerin Griese Gegend emigrants
Mecklenburg-Strelitz Emecklenburg Auswanderer
Oldenburg Emigration from Niedersachsen, includes material for Oldenburg
Rheinland/Rhineland Auswanderer nach Amerika aus dem Kreise Ahrweiler
Sachsen/Saxony http://www.beepworld.de/members81/saxonforefathers/index.htm Saxon Forefathers emigrant list], further information by request.
Marxkors_index.pdf Marxkors Index of emigrants, Westphalia and Lower Saxony
Emigration from Niedersachsen, includes material for Oldenburg
Schaumburg-Lippe Schaumburger Auswanderer
Schleswig-Holstein Rootdigger Schleswig-Holstein emigrants Free index, ($) for place of origin.
Thüringen/Thuringia Emigrants from Sachsen-Coburg, Sachsen-Kronach, and Sachsen-Meiningen emigrants
Rudolstadt region of Thueringen emigrants
Westfalen/Westphalia Nordrhein-Westfalen emigrants

Kreis Herford emigrants
Marxkors_index.pdf Marxkors Index of emigrants, Westphalia and Lower Saxony

Wuerttemberg Wuerttemberg: DELAUS – Delmenhorst 1830-1930, CUXAUS Cuxhaven 1830-1930, CLAUS - Cloppenburg and Vechta areas 1830- abt. 1875, – Bad Laer near Osnabrueck

Lists of emigrants from individual towns[edit | edit source]

Germans to Latin America[edit | edit source]