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Indonesian Genealogical
Word List
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Word List[edit | edit source]

The Indonesia Word List shows Indonesian words and their English translations for many words that are found in documents in the FamilySearch collections. If the word you are looking for is not on this list, please consult an Indonesian-English dictionary such as Online Indonesian-English Dictionary.

To find and use specific types of Indonesian records, you will need to know some key words in Indonesian. This section gives key genealogical terms, months, and days of the week in Indonesian and the English words with the same or similar meanings.

Key Words[edit | edit source]

Indonesian English
adik younger sibling
agama religion
ahli waris inheritance
akte certificate
akte kematian death certificate
akte perkawinan marriage certificate
akte kelahiran anak child's birth certificate proven in court
alamat address
anak child
anak laki-laki male child, boy, son
anak perempuan female child, girl, daughter
arsip archives,files,records
ayah, bapak father
berita acara official report, minutes, record
berita acara sumpah oaths of allegiance
berkas folder
bernama named,called
Buddha Buddhist
Buddhisme Buddhism
bukti proof, evidence
buku book or volume
Christian or Kristen Christian
daftar register,list
daftar gereja church records
daftar penduduk residency registers
daftar pemakaman burial/funeral records
dikieluarkan issued
gadis girl, maiden
ganti nama legal change of name
hari, hari ini day, today
Hindu Hindu, hinduism
ijin permit, permission
Islam Islam
ibu mother
istri wife
jam hour
jenis type
jenis kelamin gender
kakak older sibling
kakek grandfather
Katolik or Catholic Catholic
Katolisisme Catholicism
kawin marriages
kelahiran birth
kematian death
kewarganegaraan citizenship
koran newspaper
lahir birth
milisi, militer militia, military
nama name
nama lengkap full name
nenek grandma
nomor number
orang person, people
perkerjaan employment, occupation, job
Pengadilan Negeri State Court, court of first instance
pengangkatan anak adoption of a child
penetapan decree
penolaken denials of citizenship
perdata from civil court of justice
perkara case
permohonan application
permohonan anak angkat application for adoption of a child
pewarganegaraan or naturalisasi naturalization
pidana criminal
putusan decision
put(e)ra son, boy
put(e)ri daughter, girl
sekolah school
surat document
saudara brother or sister
suami husband
surat keterangan certificate, reference, testimonial
S.B.K.R.I. (Surat Bukti Kewarganegaraan Republik Indonesia) Certificate of Citizenship, applications for naturalization
sensus census
tanggal date
tanggal lahir birthdate
tempat place, location
terdaftar registration
tolak refuse, deny
warisan inheritance
W.N.I (Warga Negara Indonesia) Certificate of Citizenship

Months[edit | edit source]

Indonesian English
Januari January
Febuari February
Maret March
April April
Mei May
Juli July
Agustus August
September September
Oktober October
November (Nopember) November
Desember December

Days of the Week[edit | edit source]

Indonesian English
Minggu Sunday
Senin Monday
Selasa Tuesday
Rabu Wednesday
Kamis Thursday
Jumat Friday
Sabtu Saturday

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