Historical Causes of Death

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Death certificates or registers can have information about the cause of death. For records before the mid-20th century, some terms used then are no longer familiar today. There are several websites that give definitions and interpretations to diseases and medical conditions found in these records.

Online Resources[edit | edit source]

International Classification of Diseases[edit | edit source]

Coroner's Records[edit | edit source]

A coroner is a government or public official who is in charge of investigating any deaths by inquest that occur under unusual circumstances or appear to be from unnatural causes. If the coroner has questions about the death, they can order an autopsy to be performed and hold an inquest if the autopsy reveals inconsistencies to a natural death.

Coroner's reports can include information about the deceased and their circumstances of their death including cause of death.

How to Find the Records[edit | edit source]

Some coroner's records have been digitized and are online. Below is a list by locality of known coroner's records.

If records are not available online for the location you need, you must contact the government entity in charge of inquests to see if records exist. You may also want to check city, county, state, or country archives.

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