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The Official organizational founding of Historic Palmyra]was in 1912 with first meetings of the Palmyra Historic Society. Historic Palmyra has records including all areas of the society. As the Society expanded all new activities and records from 1934-69 and another collection covering 1964-2005.

Collections[edit | edit source]

Collections relating to history of area and Palmyra

    • Highway use records from 1800’s
    • Family bibles from 1790’s
    • Day books from 1800 – 1900
    • Erie Canal information
    • Original art work (Examples)
      • E. J. Read including Major John Gilbert type setter Book of Mormon
      • E. B. Grandin
    • Private District school records Palmyra, NY 1816-1833
    • Military artifacts – 1812 – current
    • Photographs of early schools, homes, businesses, street views
    • Religious artifacts and history
    • Wayne County Fair history
    • Original manuscripts on history of Palmyra, 1836 by James Reeves
    • Indentures 1789 - 1900
    • Deeds 1790 - 1900
    • Photographs and other art work 1794 – 1970’s
    • Newspapers 1826 - current
    • Business records 1801 – mid-1900’s
    • Urban Renewal History – Palmyra, NY 1964 – 1976

Museums[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Fight for Palmyra[edit | edit source]

Urban Renewal History – Palmyra, NY 1964 – 1976 The Federal Government had Palmyra scheduled for Urban Renewal. This would have taken much of the older down town now the historical part of Palmyra. Historic Palmyra saved the north side of the Village of Palmyra included the Grandin Building, all buildings between William and Market Street as well as business district on William Street and Market Street.

Address and Phone[edit | edit source]

Historic Palmyra
132 Market Street
Palmyra, New York 14522
Phone: 315-597-6981
Email: bjfhpinc@rochester.rr.com