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Help:Wiki University VisualEditor-- Introduction

Introduction to Visual Editor

To use the Visual Editor, click on the "Edit' tab on the Wiki tool bar,

Page Talk   Read Edit Edit source View history


and the following Visual Editor tool bar appears underneath the Wiki tool bar: (For a complete explanation on the FamilySearch Wiki tool bar click here.)

VE Switch icon.png
Save changes...

  • The rest of the page looks pretty much the same as you see on the original page.
  • You will notice that some of the text may have black borders around them.
  • Some areas will turn a light blue color when you put your cursor over them.
  • To get back to the page, click on the "Read" tab.

What kind of editing can you do in Visual Editor?

  • You can now edit any text or add text on any page except in those areas that turned light blue when you put your mouse over them. The infoboxes, etc., cannot be edited in Visual Editor. The templates have an edit button but you are limited as to what you can do with it. You need to know wikitext to edit the template. You can put a new template here or add another template, more information, add additional content. The information and templates can be moved up or down or deleted.
  • If you go to a template page, for example, to try to edit it with the Visual Editor, you will find that the "Edit" tab is missing, so Visual Editor is unavailable.
  • Those areas that are outlined with a black border are tables. You can edit the text in the table or change the structure of the table, such as increase the number of rows or columns.
  • You can add or fix links.
  • You can add references or footnotes.
  • You can create bullet and numbered lists.

Wikitext coding is required to do more

  • To do more than is allowed by Visual Editor requires a knowledge of Wikitext coding.
  • Lessons are available in Wiki University. Just click on the WIKITEXT on the black tabs above and you will be taken to lesson material on Wikitext.
    Note: Wikitext is not hard to learn. By learning it, you will increase your ability to contribute to the Wiki in many more ways than you can with Visual Editor.

Try these out

Quick Quiz
  • To use the Visual Editor you click on what tab in the toolbar?
A. Edit source.
B. The down arrow.
C. Page.
D. None of the above.
  • What is the star used for?
A. To give a star to someone for their good work.
B. To place a "watch" on a page.
C. It allows you to rename a page.
D. All of the above.
  • What is the View history tab for?
A. See who has made changes to the page over time.
B. See who created the page.
C. See who may have messed up a page.
D. All of the above