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Is the main communication tool for Wiki missionaries.

Be aware that the format and look of Yammer changes from time to time with new designs. So the following explanations might not be up to date.

Accessing the FamilySearch Wiki Missionary Group on Yammer

  • It is a closed group so you have to be invited.
  • Click here to gain access to the FamilySearch Wiki Missionary Group.

Yammer left sidebar

Wiki Univ Yammer Left Sidebar.JPG
  • The left sidebar on the Yammer screen shows you the groups you belong to. A number by the name of the group indicates new messages. If you want to post a message to a specific group, click on that group and create your message in the box containing the words "Share something with this group...". To find a file posted to a group, you need only to click on that group.
  • The small house, top left, is your Yammer home screen.
  • The envelope shows your inbox. If there is a number, you have unread messages. If you click on the inbox you will be able to read your unread messages, which are marked with a blue line down the left side. Under those, you will see message exchanges you have been participating in.
  • The bell with a number indicates notifications (someone liked your message, etc.).
  • The gear icon indicates a drop down menu of options. This is where you can control your profile and settings.
  • The search box allows you to search for people or topics.
  • Clicking on FamilySearch Community Groups allows you to see all groups available for you to join.

Yammer toolbar

Wiki Univ Yammer Toolbar.jpg

  • Near the top of the page is the Yammer tool bar.
  • NEW CONVERSATIONS - Conversations you have NOT read.
  • ALL CONVERSATIONS - List of all conversations from the past in this group.
  • FILES - is a list of all files or images submitted with messages in CONVERSATIONS.
  • SEARCH - a means to search for messages in this group using keywords, dates, or member names.

Right Sidebar

  • On the right side of the FamilySearch Groups page you will see a list of items under the title "INFO." These are links to various projects and informational pages for Wiki Missionaries that have been posted in Yammer. For example:
  • on the right sidebar of the Wiki Missionary Group, you can find recordings of previous missionary meetings or the monthly missionary training schedule and associated training recordings
  • on the right sidebar of the Wiki Contributors Group, you can find recordings of the weekly Community Project Meetings
  • You will also see ongoing conversations in which you can participate.
  • This sidebar is constantly changing as old projects are completed and new ones added.

Try these out

Quick Quiz

Which of the following are TRUE statements?

1. The Yammer screen shows you what groups you belong to.

2. The FamilySearch Wiki Missionary Group is a "closed" group.

3. You can access various pages through links found on the right sidebar.

4. Yammer is the main communication tool for Wiki missionaries.


A. All are true.

B. All are false.

C. Statements 1, 2, and 4 are true.