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Additional Helps

Salesforce[edit | edit source]

Images to be placed in the Wiki come from contributors and patrons of the FamilySearch Wiki through Salesforce.

After you sign in you can use the drop down under the FamilySearch icon to the upper left of the page to go into the Service Cloud Console if you are not already there. Click on cases and click on dropdown under cases.

View the list in the Cases drop down box.[edit | edit source]

Support-Wiki Image/Doc approval- This is where we review and approve images and files submitted to the Wiki.

Support-Wiki Image/Doc approval[edit | edit source]

First- Click on Support-Wiki Image/Doc Approval (EN). This will bring up the image approval cases.
Second- Click on the case number you want to look at. You need to decide if this is even an image approval case for our group--a few are not. Go back to Salesforce Support Cases to get detailed information on how to transfer any case to other Users or Queues.
Third- is this appropriate for the Wiki, and is all the needed information here. (Copyright, date, author, and description.)
Fourth- Assign the case to yourself.

Placing the image in the Wiki[edit | edit source]

A. Click on the name of the image in Blue. A rectangular box will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on the box will post the image to your computer. View it to see if it is appropriate. Then you can put it in a location in your computer were you can bring it back up.
1. Next, go to Upload this can be found on Special pages under toolbox on the navigation bar at the right on each page of the Wiki. Then click browse. When your computer search comes up click on the correct image and then click save on your computer search box this puts the image on to the upload page.
2. Next, place the Template:Information/doc on the Upload page in the summary box and fill it out with the information from the patron's case.
3. Next, select the copyright level on the copyright drop down and click it. It will then appear on the image page.
4. Now select save. This will bring up the page of the image. Find and add a Category. This could be a location or topic of the page.
5. Retain page to copy the URL and title for the image page and use them in the reply to the patron.
6. Go to the case email to respond to the patron. Chose the appropriate email from the next list.
7. Close case.

Possible Emails send to Patron[edit | edit source]

Request contains all information
Request is missing information
Request is missing licensing information or contains personal images
Image is not approved

Wiki Pages on Approval of Images[edit | edit source]

Before first uploading an image, you must be familiar with the information in the following articles:

Try these out[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • All the images from patrons must be approved for the Wiki before they can be used.
  • Some cases may need more information and we may have to email the patron for more information.
  • A copyrighted image can be placed in the Wiki.