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Other tutorials[edit | edit source]

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the New Wiki Missionary training curriculum and have been assigned to a project.

What are you to do now?

Let us first say that you are NOT expected to have "understood" or "memorized" everything you learned in training; yet, as a missionary, you ARE expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Complete the project assigned to you and sign up for another project.
  • Attend all Wiki Missionary and Community Project meetings or listen to the recordings of those meetings.
  • Perform patrolling.
  • Report the time you spent on the three aforementioned tasks to your District Leader at the end of each month.

Where can you go to get help?

--- Related to Wiki Policies, Wiki Patrolling, or WikiText ---

  • REFER to the Wiki University documentation.
  • LISTEN to the training recordings found in Yammer > Wiki Missionaries > New Wiki Missionary Training Reordings.
  • CHECK OUT the new missionary Wiki Training Schedule and JOIN "any" one or more classes for a refresher (you can selectively sit through any one of the classes again and again and again...).
  • POST your question or concern in the Yammer > Wiki Missionaries or Wiki 911 group.

--- Related to Projects ---

  • PLAY BACK the recordings of the Community Project Meetings.
  • BRING UP your questions or concerns when attending the Community Project meetings.
  • CONTACT (via Yammer) Project Leaders as listed on the Project instructional page to address specific project "HowTo" or "WhatToDo" questions.
  • POST your question or concern in the Yammer > Wiki Contributors or Wiki 911 group.

As a last resort, you can always contact your District Leader to refer you to a "help" resource. Remember: there is always someone in Yammer that would love to help you, including the training team. Just post your question in any one of the aforementioned Yammer groups (Wiki Missionaries, Wiki 911, or Wiki Contributors) and someone WILL respond.

Church - Annual Required Online Courses[edit | edit source]

All employees, volunteers, and Church missionaries are required to take certain courses to ensure we have an understanding of the Church-wide standards of conduct. Click HERE for more information about these requirements.

Resources in the Wiki[edit | edit source]

HELPDESK[edit | edit source]

On occasion, you may need assistance from the FamilySearch Global Service Center, otherwise known as "Helpdesk". Help for US and Canada users can be had by calling (855) 537-4357 or going to the FamilySearch GSC website.

W3 Schools[edit | edit source]

More advanced training on coding in HTML is available from W3 Schools