Glamorgan Estate Rentals

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Estate rentals provide details for individuals and show relationships. The records are available at various archives and in some cases in private custody. The list below will show records that are known to exist and will benefit from additions.

Estate Parish / Parishes Estate Owner Rental Dates Archive/Library Archive Ref # Online
Dunraven Lanmihangel; Glyncoring; Langinor; Llanginoid; Landivoduck; Landon; Coychurch; St. Bride's; Penlline & Langan; Lanvidian; Lanilid; Cowbridge; Hymston; Ystradyvoduck; Lanhary; Lanblithian; Newcastle; Coyty; Court Coleman; Keven Cribbor; Ogmore Manor Earl of Dunraven 1758-1850 National Library of Wales R1-91 FHL
Dynevor Llantrisant Lord Dynevor 1712-1779 Carmarthen CRO Dynevor 207/1 no
Dynevor Merthyr Tydfil Lord Dunevor 1716-1775 Carmarthen CRO Dynevor 207/1 no
Aubrey Fletcher 1801-1802 Buckingham CRO D/AF 243 no
Aubrey Fletcher 1823-1826 Buckingham CRO D/AF 122/218-221 no