Florida Probate Records

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Florida probate records have been kept by county judges and county clerks in each courthouse. Since 1968 they have been under the jurisdiction of the clerk of the circuit court in each county. The files may include wills, bonds, letters, petitions, order books, inventories, and settlements. You may obtain copies of the records from the clerk of the circuit court.

The Family History Library has copies of some probate records for Florida, such as the 75 microfilms from Hillsborough County that include:

  • Judges' administrations, 1847 to 1928
  • Local and foreign wills, 1847 to 1930
  • Probate packets, 1834 to 1944
  • Guardianships, 1886 to 1929
  • Register of estates, 1893 to 1926
  • Minutes, 1882 to 1928
  • General index to estates, 1834 to 1944

References[edit | edit source]

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NOTE: All of the information from the original research outline has been imported into this Wiki site and is being updated as time permits.