Finding Sources for Scotland Births and Baptisms Using Microfilm 6,035,516

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Record Source[edit | edit source]

Some records in the Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950 Historical Records collection specify film 6,035,516 as the source. However, 6,035,516 is a microfiche and not the original source. Additional steps must be undertaken to find the source of the entry.

The microfiche is a copy of Register of births, marriages and deaths of Scotland, compiled by the British Reference Unit at the Family History Library. It is a guide to Family History Library film numbers for the civil registration certificates of Scotland.

Finding the Original Source[edit | edit source]

Follow these steps to identify the source of the record.

  1. View the FamilySearch catalog for film/fiche 6,035,516. This is the Family History Library Catalog record for the book that contains the actual film numbers
  2. Download the digital version of the book
  3. Turn to the section "Scotland's Parishes Listed by Parish Name"
  4. Find the parish you are looking for. Use the text search (Ctrl-F) or go page-by-page
  5. Find the parish number and county. If there are multiple parishes with the same name be sure to select the parish in the proper county.
  6. Go to the section for the desired event (birth, marriage, or death)
  7. Go to the County section and find the event year
  8. Find the parish number to determine the film number
  9. Search for that film in the Family History Library Catalog to access the microfilm or images

Sections Of the Register[edit | edit source]

The Register is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction & List of Sections (page i, image 2)
  • Scotland's Parishes Listed by Parish Name [Alphabetical Index] (page 1, image 4)
  • Scotland's Parishes Listed by Parish Number [Numerical Index] (page 73, image 76)
  • General Index of Births (page 109, image 112)
  • Births (page 112, image 115)
  • General Index of Marriages (page 152, image 156)
  • Marriages (page 154, image 158)
  • General Index of Deaths (188, image 190)
  • Deaths (page 190, image 192)

Practical How-To[edit | edit source]

Using the Sample Record below these instructions will demonstrate the steps to identify the original source.

Sample Record[edit | edit source]

Name Charlotte Henderson
Gender Female
Birth Date 16 Aug 1858
Mother's Name Joan Henderson
Batch Number C11685-1
Film Number 6,035,516

Step-by-Step Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Register of births, marriages and deaths of Scotland is available through the FamilySearch Catalog
    The Table of Contents begins on page i
    The list of parish names begins on page 1
  2. Search the Alphabetical index for Edinburgh
    Edinburgh parish is found on page 13
    The parish number is 685 and it is in Midlothian County.
    Scotland's Parishes Listed by Parish Name.png
  3. Search the Births for Midlothian County
    The table is arranged by year, parish number, and microfilm number
    Midlothian County starts on page 137
  4. Find the microfilm number for births in parish number 685 in 1858
    Note that Edinburgh Parish is divided into several districts. The index to births in 1858 for districts 685/1 to 685/3 are on film 280,528 and births for districts 685/4 and above are found on film 280,529. Both films must be searched.
    Edinburgh birth example.png
  5. Search the index of each volume
    The microfilm for the index to Midlothian county births, parish nos. 685/4-689 1858 is 280529 and the DGS number is 8138221
    Indexes are found in each volume
    Charlotte Henderson is found in the index for district 685/5 (image 178) indicating the entry number is 518
    District 685/5 is Holyrood and Cannongate
    Birth Index, 1858, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.jpg
  6. Search the records to find the entry
    Entry 518 is found on page 173 (image 271)
    Entry 518 Scotland record.JPG