Finding Birth Information for Swedish Family History Research

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A person’s birth day, month, and year are key to correctly identifying an ancestor. Usually people find the birth information (or age) in other records first, such as the Household Examination records. In Swedish research, the entry in the parish birth and christening record is considered the primary source for this information. To find the birth records, you must know 2 things:

  • 1. The birthday or at least an approximate birth year
  • 2. The name of the parish where the mother (or parents) were residing at the time of the birth or christening.

Sometimes finding the estimated year or parish where the birth is recorded can be a challenge. In situations like this, you must turn to other records for clues. Then after you find enough clues (or just the right clues) you can verify the actual birth and christening entry.

The good news is, the entire kingdom of Sweden was organized into parishes long before birth and christening records were being written. This means the majority of births were recorded when they started recording that info. Unfortunately there are some gaps in the records, but the vast majority of births are recorded. So unless there is a gap, it’s not IF a person’s birth was recorded, it’s WHERE was it recorded.

The table below is a list of Swedish records that show birth information. The records have been ranked with the best source at the top, followed by others that might help.

If you find a possible match in a record, but need help to read or interpret the entry, go to the FamilySearch Sweden Genealogy Research page in facebook for assistance.

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description
Födelse och dopböcker Församlingar (parishes) These are the actual birth and christening books that were recorded by the parish priest at the time of the birth or christening. The information from the entry is equivalent to a modern birth certificate. Time Period: 1600’s - 1991
Husförhörslängder Församlingar (parishes) It is common to find a birth day, month, and year along with birthplace in the household examinations (depending on the time period and how the household examination was being kept.) In earlier time periods it might just be an age and possibly a birthplace. Time Period: 1600’s – 1894 (use Församlingsböcker after 1895)
Inflyttningsattester Församlingar (parishes) These are the moving-in certificates issued by a parish when a person moved to another parish. They were often kept by the incoming parish priest for future re-use. Because they help to identify a person, they are often found among marriage and engagement documents (handlingar or bilagor), court documents (for supporting a case), and were sometimes re-used when a person died (becoming a dödsattest.) Time Period: 1600’s – 1800’s
Kyrkoräkenskaper Församlingar (parishes) These are the parish accounts records of donations and payments. It was expected to make a donation for a service provided. If an entry was not recorded in the birth and christening records, but you believe the parents lived in the parish at the time, check the parish accounts to see if a donation was made at the time of the christening. Time Period: 1600’s – 1800’s
Utdrag ur födelse- och dopböcker Domkapitel Extraction of births and christenings in diocese records (sporadic.) Time Period: 1847 - 1859
Lasaretts-räkenskaper Serafimer-ordensgillet Hospital donation records (sporadic regional) Time Period: abt. 1750 -1860
Utdrag ur födelse- och dopböcker Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB) Extracts of birth records sent to the government statistical agency. Time Period: 1860 - 1967
Barnmorske-dagböcker Provinsialläkare / stadsläkare or hälsovårds-nämnder Midwife records given to provincial doctors, city doctors or health services (sporadically kept.) Time Period: 1881 - 1955
Lasaretts-räkenskaper Lasarett Hospital account records. Time Period: abt. 1750 -1860
Sjukjournaler och födelseböcker Sjukhus och barnbördshus Journals from hospitals and maternity hospitals (sporadic.) Time Period: abt. 1875 -
Bilagor i domböcker Häradsrätt / Tingslag These are the supporting documents found among the court proceeding minutes. Birth information (or age) can be found on moving certificates, guardianship papers, documents regarding marriage, etc. Time Period: 1600’s – 1900’s
Generalmönsterrulla Krigskollegiet Birthdate (or age) is found on the general muster rolls. Time Period: 1680’s – 1880’s

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