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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Website: Association of Paul Vachon
Goal is to find and strengthen ties of descendants, shares pictures, newsletter, historical research, French and Canadian.
Vaden Website: The Vaden Family Research Center a centralized location for researching Vaden, Vadin, Vaider,Vaudin,Vodin, and Voden ancestry lines.
Van Bibber/Van Bebber Website: Van Bibber Pioneers
Old organization goals of historical and genealogical research of the Van Bibber/Van Bebber and related families. They have links, newsletters, research, and discussion.
Vance Website: Vance Family Association
This association was established in 1984 and includes various spellings and origins of the surname. The association also has a Y-DNA project.
Vincent or Vinson
Website: Vincent DNA Project
Vincent DNA Project

You are reading about a collection of websites focused on Vincent surname research in the U.S. and expanding worldwide. Our yDNA project link is at your left. Several DNA groups sharing the Vincent surname have been identified. Vincent DNA Project administrators are from the two largest groups in the U.S. Their websites are ...

Northern Vincents in the U.S.
Website: Northern Vincents for those whose "Vincent" ancestors are primarily from New York and Canada, and ...

Southern Vincents in the U.S.
Website: Southern Vincents for those whose "Vincent" or "Vinson" ancestors are primarily from Virginia or North Carolina.

Vincent One-Name Study
We collaborate with the gentleman who manages the Vincent surname at the Guild of One-Name Studies in the U.K. We have published articles on DNA research in his newsletter and he is a member of our DNA Project. The websites for the Vincent Guild of One-Name Studies can be found Here: Click This Link then Search for Vincent and Here: Guild page in U.S..
To reach us by email please visit the DNA Project website at the left and click on the name of a project administrator (names on the left of the page) or go to our other project page Here: Click Here for our Other Project Page (names are at the bottom).

Vining Facebook: Vining Family Genealogy
A group on Facebook for the descendants of John Vining of Wincaton, England/Weymouth, Massachusetts 1636-1685.

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