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|[[File:Jasonharrisonupdatedphoto.jpg|100x100px]]<br>[[User:HarrisonJB|Jason B. Harrison]]|| ||CG|| ||VIP Hosting & Research Services Manager||US/Canada
|[[File:Jasonharrisonupdatedphoto.jpg|100x100px]]<br>[[User:HarrisonJB|Jason B. Harrison]]|| ||CG|| ||VIP Hosting & Research Services Manager||US/Canada
|[[Image:Baerbel Johnson2.jpg|75px]]<br>[[User:JohnsonBX|Baerbel Johnson]]||Germany||Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen|| ||Guest Help Team||German/Slavic
|[[Image:Baerbel Johnson2.jpg|75px]]<br>[[User:JohnsonBX|Baerbel Johnson]]||Germany||Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen||Research in German-speaking countries, Dutch research, Polish research||Guest Help Team||German/Slavic
|[[File:Cara Jones sm.jpg|75px]]<br>[[User:jonescara|Cara Jones]]|| || ||Mid-Atlantic Region
|[[File:Cara Jones sm.jpg|75px]]<br>[[User:jonescara|Cara Jones]]|| || ||Mid-Atlantic Region

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Guest Services[edit | edit source]

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The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Research specialists are available to answer your research questions in person when you visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City! Our professional research specialists are either Accredited or Certified as Genealogists.To request assistance with your family history research, go to the Research Assistance desk on the B1 International floor, the B2 British floor, or the U.S./Canada 2nd floor. Research Specialists have extensive knowledge of records, resources, and research experience in the British Isles, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Scandinavia, and the United States. They can also read, write, and speak many languages. Resources are also available to assist you with Asian, African, and Polynesian family history.

If you are not able to come to Salt Lake City, you can take online classes in our Learning Center for various localities and subjects. For local research assistance, you can find help at FamilySearch Libraries or Family History Centers. To find help in your area, click on the following link: Local Help and enter your zip code or city.

These specialists are generally available:[edit | edit source]

Name AG CG/Other AG Specialty Current Assignment Region
AndersonLH 75.jpg
Liv H. Anderson
Norway CG, AG Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish Research Nordic Research Team Nordic/Scandinavia
Brandon Baird.jpg
Brandon Baird
Spain France, Mexico Spanish/Hispanic Research Latin America Latin America
Timothy D. Bingaman
Mid-Atlantic States Community US/Canada
Arturo Cuellar.JPG
Arturo Cuellar
Mexico Community Latin America
DunnPB 98.jpg
Phillip B. Dunn
England Scotland, Ireland Greater London, Home counties, Lancashire/ Cheshire/Yorkshire, Big city, Army, Huguenots, British Subjects abroad, 17th Century immigration, the Scottish 'lost' see: Steps For Tracing Scottish Ancestry Outside of The Church of Scotland Community, Tier 3 (Missionary) Training, early Church Converts British Isles
Craig Foster
Scotland Guest Help British Isles
Debbie Gurtler Head Shot.jpg
Debbie Gurtler
Spain Mid-South States, Mexico Spanish/Hispanic Research Latin America-Southern Europe Team Manager Latin America
Jason B. Harrison
CG VIP Hosting & Research Services Manager US/Canada
Baerbel Johnson2.jpg
Baerbel Johnson
Germany Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen Research in German-speaking countries, Dutch research, Polish research Guest Help Team German/Slavic
Cara Jones sm.jpg
Cara Jones
Mid-Atlantic Region VIP Hosting & Research Services US/Canada

Daniël R. Jones, MS
Switzerland German and Dutch Research Simplified Learning German/Slavic
Fritz Juengling photo.jpg
Fritz Juengling, Ph.D.
Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, and Sweden Verband deutschsprachiger Berufsgenealogen Internship Coordinator German, Dutch, Scandinavian-speaking countries
Mallory Kempter.jpg
Mallory Kempter
North Central Region and LDS Research Research Specialist, Missionary Trainer and Special Collections Assistant US/Canada
Joni Kesler photo new.jpg
Joni L. Kesler
Midwestern States England DNA VIP Hosting & Research Services US/Canada
W. Todd Knowles
England Jewish VIP Hosting & Research Services British Isles
Geoff Morris.JPG
Geoffrey Fröberg Morris
Sweden Denmark Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian Nordic Research Team Manager Nordic/Scandinavia

Camille Andrus
Germany Germany, Poland, Armenia Research Specialist German/Slavic
Dan Poffenberger
England England, Ireland British Research Team Manager British Isles
Lena (002).jpg
Lena Stout
China VIP Hosting & Research Services Asia
Lauren photo.jpeg
Lauren Wake
Spanish/Hispanic Research Guest Help International
TaylorBE 98.JPG
Beth Taylor
CG DNA, Quakers, Technology Guest Help US/Canada
Yvonne Sorenson
New England Canada US/Canada Research Team Manager US/Canada

These specialists are occasionally available:[edit | edit source]

Name AG CG/Other AG Specialty Current Assignment Region
Deborah Baldridge
Digital Describe US/Canada
BatsonDL 98.JPG
Danielle L. Batson, MLS
Midwestern States Wiki Projects US/Canada
David Oswald, MLS
Digital Describe British Isles
Raymon L. Naisbitt
England Discovery & Outreach Manager British Isles
Ellie Vance
Russia and Eastern European Research Specialist German/Slavic
Kathy Warburton
Member & Public Outreach British Isles

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