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FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Sweden Parish Lists Information

Sweden Parish Lists Information

Project Leader

Amber Larsen


To consolidate and correct the information in the parish pages.

Task List

There is no task list for this project. But the Google Sheet is listed below:

Google sheet


Step 1 - Compare the Two Lists

1. Open the Sweden Parish Listing page side by side with the Swedish Parish Pages page.

2. Compare the parish lists side by side, making sure all the parishes listed on one page are listed on the other, and vice versa.

  • NOTE: When you find a parish listed on one page but not the other, copy and paste the parish name into this Google sheet, indicating whether the parish is listed or missing from each of the pages.
    • Mark "Yes" if the parish IS listed on that page, and "No" if the parish is NOT listed on the respective pages.

Step 2 - Add Internal Links to Sweden Parish Listing Pages

Reference the Swedish Parish Pages page and see where the equivalent link takes you. You will likely be able to use that link and insert it into the correct place in the Swedish Parish Listing A-H, etc. page.

Using the county information given in the Swedish Parish Listing A-H, etc. page, you can look up the parish with the county in the FS Wiki, finding the correct page that way. Use the page you find and insert the internal link in the correct place in the Swedish Parish Listing A-H, etc. page.

3. After you have located the correct Wiki page the parish should link to, edit the page, and edit the parish so it includes the link.

| Angered 
| Vättle 
| Älvsborg  
| <br>
    • AFTER:
| [[Angered Parish, Älvsborg, Sweden Genealogy|Angered]] 
| Vättle 
| Älvsborg  
| <br>

4. Save the page.

If there is a problem or an uncertainty, feel free to email or contact me through Yammer.