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WikiProject Oregon Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project Oregon Tasks – Standardize County Subject Headings

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this task is to standardize the headings and subject outline on Oregon county pages.

This task is beginner task and requires basic experience with copying and pasting in wikitext.

Questions about editing this project?

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Check the Assignment Chart below to choose a county to edit.

2. Sign up on the Assignment Chart to accept the task. Sign-up instructions are posted with the Assignment Chart below.

3. For each county, you will add information to the county page by editing in Wikitext.

4. Mark the Assignment Chart below to indicate you finished the task.

Wikitext Editing Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Click on your chosen county name in the Assignment Chart. This will take you to your county page.

2. Login to the FamilySearch wiki using your FamilySearch login name and password. Find the sign-in area in the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Scroll to the generated outline slighly below the heading.

4. Review the outline and compare the headings with the list below. Many counties will already be correct, but some may require some edits. If you find a topic missing, either open the section above where the missing topic belongs by clicking edit, or click on the pen in square on the right-hand side of the page opposite the heading title.

  • If the outline looks correct, continue reviewing the outline.

5. Click on the word wikitext in the toolbox at the top left of the edit box.

6. Place your cursor immediately after the last heading that is correct and strike the enter key on your keyboard twice.

7. While in wiki text, copy and paste the appropriate heading in the correct location, or type the text EXACTLY as shown in the list below. Pay attention to the number of = signs on each side of the text. Press enter one more.

8. Save the page after you correct the last section title and exit. The task is complete.

Oregon Standard Headings[edit | edit source]

Section Titles
== County Information ==
=== Baker County, Oregon Record Dates ===
=== County Courthouse ===
== Historical Facts ==
=== Record Loss ===
=== Boundary Changes ===
=== Trivia Tidbits ===
== Resources ==
=== Biography ===
=== Cemeteries (Rural) ===
=== Census ===
==== Federal ====
==== Militia ====
==== State ====
=== Church History and Records (rural only) ===
=== Court Records ===
=== Directories ===
=== Emigration and Immigration ===
=== Migration ===
=== Gazetteers ===
=== Genealogy ===
=== History ===
=== Land and Property ===
=== Maps ===
=== Military History and Records ===
=== Newspapers ===
=== Obituaries ===
=== Pensions ===
=== Probate Records ===
=== Rivers and Waterways ===
=== Taxation ===
=== Vital Records ===
==== Birth Records ====
==== Marriage Records ====
==== Death Records ====
=== Family History Centers ===
== Web Sites ==
== References ==

Example of a Completed County Outline[edit | edit source]

See Baker County, Oregon

Assignment Chart Instructions[edit | edit source]

If you are accepting this task for a county:

1. Sign in to the wiki at the upper right-hand corner of this page. Use your FamilySearch account username and password.
2. Open the Assignment Chart for editing by clicking on the check mark in the box at the right opposite the Assignment Table heading.
3. Place your cursor in the box under the heading Name/Date Task Accepted and opposite your county of choice.
4. Type 4 tildes (~). This symbol is located on the upper left-hand part of your keyboard, next to the number 1. The ~~~~ is an electronic signature and will leave your user name and date when you signed.
5. Scroll nearly to the bottom of the page. Add a summary sentence in the Summary box saying something like, "Selected Adams County for adding Family History Center".
6. Click on the box "Save Page".
7. You are now signed up to complete this task.

If you are completing this task:

  • Follow the same instructions as accepting the task, except place your cursor in the correct county box under the heading Date Completed. Change your summary sentence to something like, "Completed Adams County for societies." Thank you!

Assignment Chart[edit | edit source]

County Name/Date Task Accepted Date Completed
Hood River