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Do you enjoy helping others learn? Are you a natural trainer? Then the Wiki Training and Mentoring Committee needs you! Its members are involved with helping to ensure that our mentoring and training activities are going in the right direction. As a member, you should have a good working knowledge of the Wiki and an understanding of how people learn in order to help teach our mentors and trainers.

Members of this committee will:[edit | edit source]

  • Help set up methods for contributor training; including possible webinars.
  • Create ways to work with Adopters, Moderators and individual Mentors.
  • Help with prioritizing and training on how to work maintenance projects.
  • Help with the tasks associated with each of these areas.

See Also:[edit | edit source]

You can help[edit | edit source]

If you would like to share your talents and knowledge by participating in this committee, sign up here by indicating:

  • Username: Link to your User page and Talk page in this column
  • Areas of Expertise: Add your area of expertise or any additional information  you would like to include.  Also, indicate if you would be willing to be a Chairman for this committee.

Username Areas of Expertise
Lynda 21:04, 23 September 2011 (UTC)  Wiki Support
evancol  (I would be willing to Chair)

Wiki Support, U.S. state and county pages, Adopter/Moderator/Facebook Admin

Training is provided in each of these areas - if you're interested in helping,
but not sure where you would best fit, contact us!