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==== Week 1: Civil Registration Records ====
==== Week 1: Civil Registration Records ====
* Beginnings of civil registration: 1798 to 1812: the “Napoleonic” format, Republican Calendar dates, records in French and German, 10-year tables
* To study:  ·        Germany Civil registration [[Germany Civil Registration|]]  ·        French Republican Calendar [[French Republican Calendar|]]
==== Week 2: Church records ====
==== Week 2: Church records ====

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Welcome to the missionary and volunteer training page for the FHL B1 Floor!

German: Research series[edit | edit source]

Week 1: Civil Registration Records[edit | edit source]

Week 2: Church records[edit | edit source]

Week 3: FamilySearch collections[edit | edit source]

Week 4: Ancestry collections[edit | edit source]

Week 5: Matricula Online[edit | edit source]

Week 6: Archion[edit | edit source]

Week 7: Lost Shoebox[edit | edit source]

Week 8: Review[edit | edit source]

German: Paleography[edit | edit source]

Week 9: January 25[edit | edit source]

Find the death of Clara Martha Rade who died about 12 April 1875 in Danzig. Please also re-take the skills assessment test that you took at the beginning of our training. See "Week 1: Skill assessment" and follow the directions. Put your completed tests in the envelope in sister Lemon's office, as you did last time. Please turn that in by 31 January.

Week 10: Feb 1[edit | edit source]

Find the birth/baptismal record of: Pfilipp Carl Wagner, Birthplace JETTENBACH,PFALZ,BAVARIA, Father's Name Jacob Wagner, Mother's Name Elisabetha Chatarina. Look him up in the 'Search' first in order to see the indexed version and get the date. Batch Number: c98952-1.This can be found on film #415871. Translate lines 1-12 (this includes line 12) for this week. Translate 13 through 21 for week 11, February 8th.

Slavic: Research series[edit | edit source]

Slavic: Paleography[edit | edit source]

French: Research series[edit | edit source]

French Week 1[edit | edit source]


  1. Extract as many of the records as you can from the Homework Sheet

French Week 2[edit | edit source]


  1. Extract as many of the records as you can from the Homework Sheet
  2. Convert the following dates:
    • six brumaire an catre
    • treze ventose an cinq
    • huiteme vendemiere an IX
    • du vingt neuf nevose L'an 2
    • Dix frimaire de l'an sept
  3. Convert your own birthday into a French Republican Calendar date

French Week 3[edit | edit source]


  • Find the first two records on the sheet and answer the questions for number 3. Here is the homework sheet.