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Genealogy[edit | edit source]

De Breffny, Brian.  Speranza's Ancestry Elgee - The Maternal Lineage of Oscar Wilde.  Article is the Genealogy of Elgie/Elgee - the maternal line of Oscar Wilde, covering years 1655-1918, Staindrop Parish in Durham, and various parts of Ireland.  Article found in The Irish Ancestor, Vol. IV. no. 2. 1972 pages 94-103,  Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i

Nicholson, Geoff. A Future North-East Monarch? A discussion on different folk of Northumberland and Co. Durham, that would have a direct line into Royal ancestry, to become a Monarch. Surnames of Allan, Nicholson, Blakston, Bowes, Bursey, Conyers, Eure, Fenwick, Grey Bulteel, Harrison, Heslop, Hill, Killinghall, King, Lambton, Liddell, Lumbley, Marley, Millot, Myers, Nicholson, Ogle, Proud, Sheffield, Sutton, Temple, Webster, and Young. Marriage dates in the article, 1314-1934, and is to be found in the Northumberland & Durham Family History Society Journal, v.38, no.1 pages 13-17. Family History Library Ref. 942.8 B2jo v.38.no.1. (spring 2013)