Court of the Bishop (Consistory) of the Commissary of the Archdeaconry of Richmond Eastern Deaneries - Richmond

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Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Archdeaconry of Richmond contained the Eastern Deaneries of Richmond, Catterick and Boroughbridge, covering the western half of the North Riding and Lonsdale in the West Riding. To know which court had jurisdiction over a place, see the links in the Court Jurisdictions section of Yorkshire Probate Records.

Records[edit | edit source]

The records for this court are in the West Yorkshire Archives Service, Leeds.

The Family History Library has film copies of the following records. Films can be viewed in the library or in a family history center.

Original wills
[edit | edit source]

The original wills, 1521-1857, have not been filmed. A miscellanous collection of 208 wills and inventories for Richmond, 1442-1578, are on film number 994031 item 7. . The collection was also printed in volume 26 of the Publications of the Surtees Society.

Registered copy wills
[edit | edit source]
Act books and other registers
[edit | edit source]

Indexes[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has copies of the following indexes.

Northern Genealogist volume 3, 1474-1617, for surnames A-G. It includes both original and registered copy wills. Of the surnames A-G, those starting with the letters A, E and G were not available for indexing and apparently have been lost. The title page of the volume claims that the index starts in 1588; however, the registered copy wills include some from the fifteenth century