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Welcome to Our Community Center[edit | edit source]

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We are glad you are here and hope you will stay! This is the place to get involved with the FamilySearch Research Wiki. We invite you to find your niche and connect with other like-minded genealogists. Help improve the wiki in wiki contributors, ask questions on the forums or find a friend in the social groups. Check out the ongoing discussions and join in!

Community Bulletin Board

Discussions needing community input

Projects seeking contributors

(Add new projects at the top of this list.)

Continuous maintenance projects

  • Add external links to articles
  • Add internal links to articles
  • Categorize articles- As of 29 July 2009 there are 973 pages in the Wiki without a category. All uncategorized pages need at least one category added to the page.
  • Uncategorized category pages - 8 category pages need at least one category added to the page.
  • Disambiguation
  • Expand an article or short page
  • Double redirects need fixing - 14 pages as of 18 Dec 2008 have double redirects. Each case needs to be fixed.
  • Link dead end pages in FamilySearch Wiki to other pages as needed - 2139 pages as of 18 Dec 2008 that do not link to other pages in FamilySearchWiki.
  • Unused Categories - 168 categories in the Wiki are unused as of 18 Dec 2008. Evaluate each instance and either delete, redirect, correct, or use the category.
  • Stub Pages - As of 18 Dec 2008 there are over 5,000 wanted pages. The wanted pages are those that were created as a stub article, meaning the beginning of an article that needs to be written. There are two ways to view the list of stub/wanted pages, (1) Stub pages and (2) Wanted Pages. Both lists are the same, but are organized differently. Find one of interest and add what you know about the subject.
  • Wanted Categories - As of 18 Dec 2008 there are 438 categories that need a description added to the category page.
  • Merge articles - when two articles contain the same or similar content they can be flagged for review.

Creating new articles

  • FamilySearch Wiki is "international" so any article with a general title such as "The Census" should really cover the entire globe! If you are writing an article which applies to one country only, then that should be made clear in the title of the article, such as The Census in England or England Census‎ etc..
  • To make your article easier to find by others, make sure you insert a Category at the end of the article, e.g. [[Category:Scotland]]


Article Collaboration

Submit an article that needs a group effort to improve and expand the content. Every month, beginning January 2009, a new article will be featured here for collaborative improvement.

  • The Barbour Collection is a small article that needs lots of improvement!
  • The Research Wiki has several entries in the Glossary about the Julian and Gregorian calendars (see Double-dating; Julian; and Gregorian entries). Unfortunately, an article about the usage of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars in family history research does not exist. There are many websites related to the history of the calendars and also a site that helps with converting dates to a variety of other calendars (See Calendar Converter). In addition, there are several other articles within the Wiki that refer to either the Julian or Gregorian calendars. Each of these article could eventually be linked to this new page! If interested, please join in a community effort to write this new article for the FamilySearch Research Wiki!

Guidelines, Help, and Resources

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