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The Columbus Ohio North Family History Center has a few resources for family history and genealogical research in Australia, Oceania, etc. The table below lists places in Australia, Oceania, etc., corresponding Dewey Decimal Classification numbers, and links to displays of search results from the FamilySearch Catalog for resources in this family history center when available. The table also provides links to related FamilySearch wiki pages.

For Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, see the Resources for Asia page. For Hawaii, see the Resources for North America page.

Australia, Oceania, etc.[edit | edit source]

Place Dewey
Columbus Ohio North
Family History Center Resources
FamilySearch Wiki Page FamilySearch Wiki Page
for Online Genealogy Records
Oceania 995   Oceania See the specific country, dependency, etc.
Countries, Dependencies, etc.
American Samoa 996.13 Columbus Ohio North FHC Resources American Samoa Genealogy  
Australia 994 Columbus Ohio North FHC Resources Australia Genealogy Australia Online Genealogy Records
Cook Islands 996.23   Cook Islands Genealogy Cook Islands Online Genealogy Records
Easter Island 996.18   Insular Chile Genealogy  
Fiji 996.11   Fiji Genealogy Fiji Online Genealogy Records
French Polynesia 996.2   French Polynesia Genealogy French Polynesia Online Genealogy Records
Guam 996.7   Guam Genealogy Guam Online Genealogy Records
Kiribati 996.81   Kiribati Genealogy Kiribati Online Genealogy Records
Marshall Islands 996.83   Marshall Islands Genealogy  
Micronesia 996.6   Federated States of Micronesia Genealogy  
Nauru 996.85   Nauru Genealogy  
New Caledonia 995.97   New Caledonia Genealogy New Caledonia Online Genealogy Records
New Zealand 993   New Zealand Genealogy New Zealand Online Genealogy Records
Niue 996.26   Niue Genealogy  
Norfolk Island 994.82 Columbus Ohio North FHC Resources Norfolk Island, Australia Genealogy  
Northern Mariana Islands 996.7   Northern Mariana Islands Genealogy  
Palau 996.6   Palau Genealogy  
Papua New Guinea 995.3   Papua New Guinea Genealogy Papua New Guinea Online Genealogy Records
Pitcairn Islands 996.18 Columbus Ohio North FHC Resources Pitcairn Islands Genealogy Pitcairn Islands Online Genealogy Records
Samoa 996.14 Columbus Ohio North FHC Resources Samoa Genealogy Samoa Online Genealogy Records
Solomon Islands 995.93   Solomon Islands Genealogy Solomon Islands Online Genealogy Records
Tokelau 996.15   Tokelau Genealogy  
Tonga 996.12   Tonga Genealogy Tonga Online Genealogy Records
Tuvalu 996.82   Tuvalu Genealogy  
Vanuatu 995.95   Vanuatu Genealogy Vanuatu Online Genealogy Records
Wake Island 996.5   Wake Island Genealogy  
Wallis and Futuna 996.16   Wallis and Futuna Genealogy Wallis and Futuna Online Genealogy Records

Family History Library[edit | edit source]

For additional resources in the collection of the Family History Library which may be available online, search the FamilySearch Catalog at