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Berlin, Brandenburg
German Empire
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Berlin, Brandenburg
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Berlin Evangelical Parish Jurisdictions[edit | edit source]

Research in Berlin is complicated by the great size of the city and the large number of parishes.

How to use the Berlin Address Books[edit | edit source]

The directories are divided in sections.  Of greatest genealogical value are the alphabetized listings of city inhabitants with addresses.  Search for your ancestor under the alphabetical listing of names in the time period your ancestor lived in Berlin.  When you find your ancestor listed, write down the street and house number where he resided.   Then turn to the listing ot that street in the Street guide at the link above to determine which parish he attended in the years closest to the time period that you know he lived in Berlin.

Other sections of the directories are businesses, public offices, societies, inhabitants' addresses listed under the street they resided, rather than alphabetically by their name.  The suburbs of Berlin were in many, but not all of the directories. 

Berlin Suburbs[edit | edit source]

Baumschulenweg (Treptow), Boxhagen-Rummelsburg, Britz, Charlottenburg, dahlem, Friedenau, Friedrichsberg, Friedrichsfelde, Grunewald, halensee, Heinersdorf, Hohen Schönhausen, Karlshorst, Lankwitz, Lichtenberg, Groß Lichterfelde, mariendorf, Nieder-Schönhausen and Schönholz, Nikolassee, Ober-Schönweide, Pankow, Plötzensee, Reinickendorf, Rixdorf, Schlactensee, Schmargendorf, Schöneberg, Schönholz, Steglitz, Stralau, Südende, Tegel, Tempelhof, Weißensee, neu-Weißensee, Westend, Wilhelmsberg, Wilmersdorf, and Zehlendorf.

About the City Address Directories[edit | edit source]

The directories on film can be found here .  The online link can be found at this site Berlin City Directories .  The directories begin in the year 1799 and continue through 1943 online and on film.  The address books have a section arranged by streets and house numbers within a street and have a graph showing different jurisdictions, such as poverty assistance office, orphanages, school districts, court districts, parishes, police districts, and postal districts.  The directories for some years also include the voting districts.  These street indexes within the address books are the source of the Street guides that are found at the above link.

Street indexes were included in the address books from 1874-1925.  After 1925 parish jurisdictions are listed in parish indexes.  in this system each parish is listed alphabetically with the streets and house numbers which are assigned to it.  Occasionally street indexes note more than one parish for an entire street or certain house numbers within the street.  In such cases, the inhabitants apparently had a choice of attending any of the parishes listed. 

The format of the street indexes varies from year to year.  For example, some directories list parish jurisdictions by house humbers; others list the jurisdictions by a street to street description such as "From Krupp street to Perleberger".  In such cases there is no way to cross reference the descriptive and house number entries, therefore the descriptions are listed in this register as they were listed in the orignal street indexes.

Some streets were named only with a number, such as Street 19 [Straß 19].  There appears to have been some inconsistency in the way these streets were listed from year to year.  In some cases there seems to be duplicate usage of certain numbers and the actual parish jurisdictions are not always clear.  It may be necessary to check each of the parishes associated with the street number.  These streets named by numbers only, was not included in the 1917 directoory.

Some streets did not exist in earlier years, but apparently came into existence as new housing developed.  Other streets are listed in the earlier street indexes but are not listed in the later ones.  It is not certain if these omissions were accidental or if the street names were changed or discontinued.  It is also possible that there were no residences on those streets in all years covered by directories.  For this reason, parish jurisdictions may not be listed for all streets in Berlin for all years in the street guide registers. 

For residents on streets near the train stations [Eisenbahn], look under the heading of Eisenbahn for the specific train station needed.

The Cathedral [Dom] did not have any specific streets assigned to it.  So you should check the cathedral records for births, marriages and deaths if your ancestors are not found in the records of their assigned parish.  The Charite parish also has no streets assigned to it, but was a part of Sankt Petri parish.  The Family History Library has records for both the Petri and Charite parishes and the Dom parish.

Spelling and Alphabetization[edit | edit source]

The inconsistant spelling of street names from one directory to the next is a problem.  In the cases wehre alternate spellings were used, such as the street name of "Colonie" which is also listed as "Kolonie", they are listed twice in the Street Guide for easier reference.  Other variations in street names are handled the same way as in the case of "Ostbahnhof" which is also listed as "Am Ostbahnhof".

In the original street indexes the street called "Unter den Linden" is listed as "Linden, Unter den".  The Street Guides lists these types of localities as "Unter den Linden".  This method was applied consistently also for "Am, An der, Alte, Neue, Hinter dem, Klein, Groß, and similar prefiexes on street names.  Words with an Umlaut were alphabetized in the Street Guides as though there were no Umlauts.  The German letter "ß" os a;[jabetozed as "ss".

Berlin Street Guide Parish Information[edit | edit source]

The following chart is a list of Berlin parishes included in the Street Guide Register:

Parish name Parent Parish Year Organized Records Begin
Advents Bartholomäus 1906 1906
Andreas  ** Georgen 1854 1854
Auferstehungs Markus 1895 1895
Bartholomäus Georgen 1854 1854
Charite ** Petri 1779 1779
Christus Dreifaltigkeit 1894 1894
Dankeskirche Gnaden, Nazareth, Paulus 1884 1884
Dom ** 1616 1616
Dorotheenstadt ** United with Friedrichs Werder 1676 1676
Dreifaltigkeits ** Jerusalem 1739 1739
Elias Gethsemane 1907 1907
Elisabeth ** Sophien 1835 1835
Emmaus Thomas 1887 1887
Erlöser Heilands 1912 1912
Friedens Bartholomäus 1892 1892
Friedrichs Werder ** United with Dorotheenstadt 1680 1680
Galiläa Samariter  1911 1910
Georgen ** Nicolai 1689 1689
Gethsemane Zions 1893 1893
Gnaden ** Invalidenhaus 1892 1816
Golgotha  * Elisabeth 1874 1874
Heilands Johannes Moabit 1896 1896
Heilige Geist Johannes Moabit 1907 1907
Heiligen Kreuz * Jacobi, Jerusalem, Dreifaltigkeits 1865 1865
Himmelfahrt Elisabeth, Friedens 1894 1894
Immanuel Bartholomäus 1894 1894
Invalidenhaus ** Johannes Moabit 1747 1816
Jacobi ** Luisenstadt 1845 1845
Jerusalem ** Petri 1697 1697
Johann Evangelist ** Elisabeth 1856 1856
Johannis Moabit ** Sophien 1835 1835
Kaiser Friedrich Gedächtnis Dorotheenstadt 1896 1896
Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Luisen, Mattäus, Wilmersdorf 1896 1896
Kapernaum Nazareth 1903 1902
Lazurus Markus 1896 1895
Lukas * Steglitz Stadt 1865 1865
Luisenstadt ** Kölln Stadt 1694 1694
Luther Zwölf Apostol 1895 1895
Marien ** Nicolai 1583 1583
Markus ** Georgen 1854 1854
Martha Emmaus 1904 1904
Mattäus ** Dreifaltigkeit 1846 1846
Melancthon Nikolai 1916 1916
Nazareth ** Sophien 1835 1835
Neue Kirche ** Petri 1697 1697
Nikolai ** Marien 1583 1583
Oelberg Emmaus 1910 1910
Oster Nazareth 1908 1908
Passion Heiligen Kreuz 1908 1908
Paul Gerhardt Gethsemane 1907 1907
Paulus * Sophien 1835 1835
Petri ** Kölln Stadt 1643 1643
Philippus Apostol ** Sophien 1852 1852
Pfingst Auferstehungs 1906 1906
Reformations Heilands 1907 1907
Samariter Markus 1896 1894
Segens Zions 1908 1908
Simeons * Jacobi 1868 1868
Sophien ** Georgen 1712 1712
Stephanus Paulus 1905 1904
Tabor Emmaus 1906 1905
Thomas * Luisenstadt 1864 1864
Versöhnungs Elisabeth 1893 1893
Zions * Elisabeth, Bartholomäus, Andreas
Zwingli Andreas 1908 1908
Zwölf Apostol * Schöneberg Stadt 1864 1864

A single asterisk * indicates that some records of the parish have been microfilmed and are available for research at the Family History Library and Family History Centers.  A double asterisk ** indicates that some or all of the available records have been extracted through the FamilySearch's extraction program.

Although there are many other parishes in Berlin, they were not included in the book because the information was not available: they were not listed in the street indexes of Berlin; and no other sources available provided the information necessary to identify the parish boundaries.  Perhaps some of them were smaller denominations and may have had only one parish in the city which served the entire city of Berlin.  Other parishes which were not included may have served specific groups of people such as the military parish, the orphan's parish and prison parish.