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The first census for Baden was taken in 1811 and repeated every year. These censuses were for statistical purposes showing that between 1811 and 1852 the population grew from 1 mill. to 1.3 mill. Since 1864 the censuses looked at individual households.
Read more about [http://www.demogr.mpg.de/papers/working/wp-2009-023.pdf census taking ]in Germany.
'''Census of the parish ''Stiftskirche'' in Baden-Baden from 1765'''
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Catholic parishes used to establish at Easter time each year a list of their parishioners, the so called ''Status animarum''. The list of 1765 issued by the ''Stiftskirche'' contains the full name of the head of household, the full name of his wife, also if she happens to be a widow. Then follow the children with their ages and the number of servants. The ''Stiftskirche'' had jurisdiction over the following places: city of Baden, Scheuern, Dollen, Gunzenbach, Fremersberg and all farms, Ebersteinburg, Ober- and Unterbeuern, Geroldsau, Schmalbach, Geisbach, Mahlbach, Mühlenbach, Neuhaus. Not on the list are the places Oos and Balg as well as the monastery Lichtental.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The author Karl Becker has published the list in three sections of the periodical ''Archiv für Sippenforschung'', 18 Jahrgang, Heft 7 (1941), starting with page 152. The periodical is available through FamilySearch, FamilySearch Catalog, call number 943 B2as.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Karl Becker continues with listing parishioners for the year 1782 in ''Archiv für Sippenforschung ''Jahrgang 20, Heft 3 (1943), starting with page 49.
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