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=== Funeral sermon collections (Leichenpredigten- und Totenzettel-Sammlungen) ===
=== Funeral sermon collections (Leichenpredigten- und Totenzettel-Sammlungen) ===

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Funeral sermon collections (Leichenpredigten- und Totenzettel-Sammlungen)[edit | edit source]

Research use: Provides linkage, as deaths are often difficult to identify in church records.

Record type: Collections of funeral sermon summary sheets and death notices.

Time Period: 1518-present.

Contents: Names of deceased, relationships, birth, marriage and death dates, places of death or residence, occupations, family members. Funeral sermon collections are popular in Protestant areas, while death notices were generally a catholic phenomenon.

Location: City and state archives; some in private archives.

Population coverage: 10%. Compiled for selected individuals and locations.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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