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*[https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/7196/ The Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)], index and images, ($)
*[https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/7196/ The Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)], index and images, ($)
*[http://www.genealogysearch.org/canada/deaths/territories.html Canadian Deaths 1878-1886: Abstracted from The Dominion Annual Register and Review]
*[http://www.genealogysearch.org/canada/deaths/territories.html Canadian Deaths 1878-1886: Abstracted from The Dominion Annual Register and Review]
*[https://theancestorhunt.com/blog/alberta-online-historical-newspapers-summary/?fbclid=IwAR1-H0ZlBMiQTPhE-qR98oGVOLdGisFlh7rQqaVUL1DB0u98YPjlqVXoKSY The Ancestor Hunt : Ontario Online Historical Newspapers Summary]  
*[https://theancestorhunt.com/blog/alberta-online-historical-newspapers-summary/?fbclid=IwAR1-H0ZlBMiQTPhE-qR98oGVOLdGisFlh7rQqaVUL1DB0u98YPjlqVXoKSY The Ancestor Hunt : Alberta Online Historical Newspapers Summary]
==Resources for Alberta Newspapers==
==Resources for Alberta Newspapers==

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Online Records[edit | edit source]

Resources for Alberta Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Newspapers can be a very valuable source of information; from an overview of life in an ancestor’s community to an informative obituary on his/her life.

Alberta’s first newspaper, The Edmonton Bulletin, started publication in 1880; The Calgary Herald in 1883. The Calgary Tribune, 1883, became The Albertan in 1886. Local newspapers ran in small cities and towns but often intermittently.[1]

Newspaper Directories[edit | edit source]

  • Gloria M. Strathern. Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982: an historical directory. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1988.[2]

Libraries and Archives[edit | edit source]

Collections of Alberta newspapers are at the Provincial Archives, the Alberta Legislative Library, the Glenbow-Alberta Institute Library, the University of Alberta Library, the University of Lethbridge Library, and the University of Calgary Library.

Provincial Archives of Alberta
8555 Roper Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W1
Telephone: 780-427-1750
Email: paa@gov.ab.ca

  • The Legislature Library has a nearly complete collection of weeklies from 1905.

Legislative Assembly of Alberta - Library Services
216 Legislature Building
10800-97th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B6
Telephone: (780)427- 2473
Email: library.requests@assembly.ab.ca[4]

Digital Issues Online[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has more about this subject: List of online newspaper archives
  • The Lethbridge Herald is available online (1905-1955). The paper is available at both the Lethbridge Herald Newspaper Collection ($) and NewspaperArchive.com ($). Note: Both sites are run by NewspaperArchive.com, however, the two sites have different subscription prices. NewspaperArchive.com provides access to thousands of other newspapers as well.

Wainwright Public Library

Wainwright Newspaper Archives Wainwright Star Newspaper 100 years digitized and searchable. Go to bottom of the library page for link.

Indexes[edit | edit source]

Alberta Published Indexes[edit | edit source]

  • Obituaries index of the Barrhead Leader, by Flora and John Stewart (n.d.) and their Marriage index from the Barrhead leader, 1928-1949 (1994).
  • Mary Kearns Trace. Birth, marriage and death notices of “the Alberta tribune,” Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1897-1899. Calgary: Traces, 1986.
  • Jack F. Layton.Vital statistics from the Innisfail free lance and the Innisfail providence, 1902-1925. Innisfail: Layton, 1993.

Some Edmonton indexes currently covering 1903-1908 are available from Rob Milson, 8616-176 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 0N3. He says they contain, “The original extract or in some cases a paraphrasing of longer extracts, as well as an alphabetized index of all names, that is the name of the person/s about whom the article is concerned as well as other named individuals.”

Alberta Unpublished Indexes[edit | edit source]

Edmonton: There are film or card files at Edmonton Public Library (from 1961) and the City of Edmonton Archives has manuscript extracts from ca. 1907-1950s.

The provincial archives has index booklets 1880-1900.

Other manuscript indexes are at the Legislative Library of Alberta (clippings from 1971), Alberta Genealogical Society library in Edmonton.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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