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=== Important Web Sites  ===
=== Important Web Sites  ===
[http://www.itcaonline.com/tribes_akchin.html InterTribal Council of Arizona, Inc.]  
[http://www.itcaonline.com/tribes_akchin.html InterTribal Council of Arizona, Inc.]<br>
[http://www.public.asu.edu/~ifmls/artinculturalcontextsfolder/ecomuseum.html Ak-Chin Him Dak Ecomuseum]<br>
[http://www.ak-chin.nsn.us/runner.html Ak-Chin O'odham Runner newspaper]
=== References  ===
=== References  ===

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The Ak-Chin Indian Community is a federally-recognized tribal entity.

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Ak-Chin Indian Community

Note: This is the Tribal page, see Ak-Chin Indian Community, Arizona (Reservation) for the reservation page.

Tribal Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Ak-Chin Indian Community
42507 West Peters & Nall Rd
Maricopa, Arizona 85138
Phone: (520) 568-1000

The Official Website of the Ak-Chin Indian Community

History[edit | edit source]

Ak-Chin is an O'odham word which when translated means "mouth of the wash" or "place where the wash loses itself in the sand or ground." The term refers to a type of farming that relies on washes – seasonal food-plains created by winter snows and summer rains.

Brief Timeline[edit | edit source]

Additional References to the History of the Tribes[edit | edit source]

Reservations[edit | edit source]

Records[edit | edit source]

Important Web Sites[edit | edit source]

InterTribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
Ak-Chin Him Dak Ecomuseum
Ak-Chin O'odham Runner newspaper

References[edit | edit source]

Bibliography[edit | edit source]