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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question[edit | edit source]

Question: How do I relate the information found in the index to the other records?
Answer: The Zimbabwe Death Registers contain both indexes and the actual Death Registers. The examples below show how you can use the index to locate the Death Register. Using the Death indexes surnames A-B > 1892-1976 link, you find Evan Evans Bevan on page 50 in the viewer. Agnes Bevan, used in example two, is found on the same page.
The indexes are annotated differently for the years 1892-1952 and the years 1953-1976.

Steps for using the index for years 1892-1952.
1. The index gives the volume number and then the page number. (This example is from the Index image: Bevan, Evan Evans in D.R. 36/104 3795.)
2. Browse to Death Register Volume 36, which covers 1928-1930.
Note: The volume numbers are not always in consecutive order.
3. Navigate to printed page 104. (It’s about image number 135.)
Note: Another example from the Index image is Beverley, Joyce Beulah in D.R. 46/110. Volume 46 covers the years. She is on page 110.

Steps for using the index for years 1953-1976.
1. The index gives the certificate number and the last two digits of the year. (This example is from the Index image: Bevan, Agnes in D.R. 1859/71.)
2. Browse to the year 1971, which has certificates #1 to #1868.
3. Select the range 1971, #1401-1868.
4. Navigate to #1859. (It’s image number 503.)

Note: D.R. 66/74 could mean Volume 66 page 74 or 1974 #66. It is best to try both processes.

Note: At times a record will be labeled MISC 1971, as is the case with Beunk, M.D. However, the name Maureen Diedre Brunk is listed directly below with D.R. 1278/70, which is the pointer to the death registers. The MISC 1971 appears to be a label, not an actual entry.

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