Wuerttemberg parish registers lost during WWII

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Württemberg Parish Registers Lost during World War II
Town Records Lost Date Lost
Bonfeld (OA. Heilbronn) Evang. Bap 1908-1945, deaths 1926-1945, Family Register #VI Apr. 1945
Braunsbach (OA. Künzelsau) Evang. Bap,mar, bur, 1595-1702, nobility register 1640-1674, presumed lost Apr. 1945
Dettingen u. T. (OA. Kirchheim) Evang. Bap 1571-1804, mar 1653-1871, deaths 1574-1851 20 Apr. 1945
Ernsbach (OA. Öhringen) Evang. Originals all burned, duplicates bap 1808-1845 , mar 1800-1875, deaths 1808-1876 still exist 8 Apr.1945
Forchtenberg (OA. Öhringen) Family Register V, confirmation register 11 Apr 1945
Fornsbach (OA. Backnang) Evang. a communion register 18 Apr. 1945
Freudenstadt Evang. all parish registers burned 16 Apr 1945
Friedrichshafen St. Nikolaus Catholic all older parish registers were destroyed with exception of part of the books beginning in 1923 1945
Genkingen (OA. Reutlingen) Evang. bapt. 1808-1864, family register vol. ii (entries from 1827-1894) 21 Apr. 1945
Großaltdorf (OA. Hall) bap 1808-1864, family register v. II, entries from 1827-1894 21 Apr 1945
Heilbronn St. Peter and Paul Cath all parish registers burned 1945
Lorenzenzimmern (OA. Hall) Evang. bap 1876-1945, family register 1808-1858 20 Apr 1945
Löwenstein (OA. Heilbronn) Evang. all parish registers were burned 14 Apr. 1945
Nordstetten Cath Family registers 1650-1770, also the register for Egelstal.  Bap, mar, deaths, beginning in 1839 and 1808 were also destroyed 1945
Obertürkheim Evang. Bap 1881 onwards, marriages 1896 onward, deaths 1886 onward, confirmations 1723 onward, communions 1786 onward, soul register 1809, family registers v. V-XIV 2 Mar 1944
Sindringen (OA. Öhringen) Evang. all parish registers burned 8 Apr. 1945
Stuttgart Evang. A few newer confirmation and communion registers (i.e. Berg confirmation 1842-1930, communions 1882 onward)
Stuttgart St. Fidelis Cath. all parish registers burned 1945
Talheim (OA. Heilbronn) Evang. Jewish family register, which was kept by the Lutheran parish was lost; it had to be given to the government Apr. 1945
Ulm Wengenkirche Cath only the newer parish records
Waldenburg (OA. Öhringen) All original registers were burned.  Duplicates exist for baptism, marriage and deaths for 1808-1875 16 Apr. 1945