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Local History Series[edit | edit source]

The book series "Britain in Old Photographs" highlights thousands of towns, villiages through out Worcestershire.  Each town book has early photographs of local buildings around the town that were part of the lives of the people of that community.  Each town book is filled with photos of the citizens that lived in their community.  The writer found photographs of a number of relatives.  This is possible because her grandparents left Worcestershire at the beginning of the 20th Century after cameras were more common.   The books highlights township scenes, churches, schools, civic life, industry (events and personalities).   New community books are complied regularly, some books are now in Family History Centers, many books are now out of print.  Other community color books offer a look at the past with photos and histories of our ancesteral homes.  Locating your community books can be successful if quote marks are put around the subject and add book after the last quote mark.  Such as "Halesowen, Worcestershire" book.