Wisbech Poor Law Union

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History[edit | edit source]

A parish workhouse existed at Wisbech (or Wisbeach) from 1720 Wisbech Poor Law Union was formally created on 23rd May 1836 Not long after its initial formation, the union was joined by the Cambridgeshire parishes of Outwell and Upwell, and the Norfolk parishes of Clenchwarton, Outwell, Terrington St Clement's, Terrington St John, Tilney All Saints, Tilney-cum-Islington, Tilney St Lawrence, and Upwell

Parishes in the Union[edit | edit source]

Central Wingland, Norfolk Genealogy Clenchwarton, Norfolk Genealogy Elm, Cambridgeshire Genealogy Emneth, Norfolk Genealogy Islington, Norfolk Genealogy Leverington, Cambridgeshire Genealogy Newton in the Isle, Cambridgeshire Outwell, Norfolk Genealogy Outwell, Cambridgeshire Parson Drove, Cambridgeshire Genealogy Terrington St Clement, Norfolk Genealogy Terrington St John, Norfolk Genealogy Tilney All Saints, Norfolk Genealogy Tilney St Lawrence, Norfolk Genealogy Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire Genealogy Upwell, Norfolk Genealogy Upwell, Cambridgeshire Genealogy Walpole St Andrew, Norfolk Genealogy Walpole St Peter, Norfolk Genealogy Walsoken, Norfolk Genealogy West Walton, Norfolk Genealogy Wisbech St Augustine, Cambridgeshire Wisbech St Mary, Cambridgeshire Wisbech St Peter and St Paul, Cambridgeshire

Records[edit | edit source]

  • Cambridgeshire Archives and Libraries, Box RES 1009, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP. Holdings include: Births (1914-42); Deaths (1914-54); Guardians' minutes (1859-1930 with gaps); etc.