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Goal[edit | edit source]

The Swedish Jurisdictions Infoboxes WikiProject is focused on creating a source of detailed Swedish jurisdictional information for every Swedish parish page in the FamilySearch Wiki.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Finding the right record to search for information about your Swedish ancestor can be challenging. This is especially true if you do not know the jurisdictional changes through the years. Right now you can find jurisdictional information through the Nationell ArkivDatabas created by the National Archive in Sweden. The challenge is most non Swedish speaking researchers either do not know where it is, or how to use it. The purpose of the Swedish Jurisdictions Infoboxes WikiProject is to create a similar resource readily available in an English speaking user environment through the FamilySearch Wiki.

Participation with this WikiProject[edit | edit source]

Anyone can help with the writing of jurisdictional information on the Jurisdiction Infoboxes. The Swedish User Group is working through the counties systematically. Participants help by looking up the jurisdictional information on Nationell ArkivDatabas (NAD) and copy and paste the respective information to the Jursdictions Infobox on a Swedish parish page of the FamilySearch Wiki.

The National Archives of Sweden has graciously given permission to use the jurisdictional information from the Nationell AkivDatabas to build the jurisdictions Infoboxes on the parish pages. 

Steps[edit | edit source]

1. Sign into the FamilySearch Wiki

2. Go to the parish page you want to work on. This can be done by browsing through the county click-able map on the Sweden Portal Page to the county, and then the parish. Or a person can type the name of the parish in the search field and click on the magnifying glass.

3. Once you are on the parish page, click on the little "Edit source" tab to the right of the page title.

4. Open another tab, and go to Nationell ArkivDatabas or NAD for short. Click on "Orter", then type in the name of the parish you are working into the search field and click "Sök". You must spell the parish name by the correct Swedish spelling using the å, ä, and ö if needed. Among the hits list, click on the link that has the name of the parish followed by the word "församling".

5. Copy and paste the information found under the same jurisdictional name from NAD to the Jurisdictional Infobox. This is easier with 2 computer screens, or 2 open windows on the same screen.

6. After copying and pasting the information, we need to replace the word "och" with the word "and". We are adjusting the formatting by eliminating extra space between information pieces. Add a comma inbetween each information piece. Replace the regimental information under Militär Indelning in all caps (from NAD) with first letter upper case, and the rest of the word in lower case. Put the name of the regiment in bold.

7. Add the source citation at the bottom of the parish page. The reference can be copied and pasted from other parish pages using the same citation. Or you could copy the source citation from a open Word document that you are using as a template. The text is: Riksarkivet. "parish name Församling." Nationell ArkivDatabas (NAD). Month and year you entered the data,

6. After revising the formatting click on "Save Page".

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Once you click on "Edit source" a timer begins a count down of about 20 minutes. If the count down times out before you click "Save Page" you will loose your work. To avoid loosing your work:

- Click "Save Page" occasionally

- Copy your work to the clipboard before saving

- Work offline in a program like Word and then paste it into the parish page.

Participating Swedish User Group Members[edit | edit source]

Project Leaders: MorrisGF, Add Contributor

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Progress Chart[edit | edit source]

Status of Completion
MorrisGF Complete
Magnus Sälgö In Progress
Jenqw In Progress
MorrisGF Complete
MorrisGF In Progress
MorrisGF In Progress
Magnus Sälgö In Progress
MorrisGF In Progress