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Goal[edit | edit source]

To have links that lead to great genealogical online databases or c.d. databases for a Swedish parish on the respective Swedish parish page in the FamilySearch Wiki.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

There are amazing genealogical databases to help with Swedish family history research. Some are countrywide resources published by Riksarkivet, or Sveriges Släktforskarförbund. Others were created by genealogical societies or individuals that are very focused on a specific locality. The purpose of this Wikiproject is to increase the visibility of these great tools.

Participation with this WikiProject[edit | edit source]

Anyone can help with the finding and the creating of links for digital resources to the parish pages. You might want to start with the parishes you know best. Participants help by finding digital resources through SVAR, Sveriges Släktforskarförbund, Släktforskarföreningar websites, and other genealogical websites. Then you add the title and a hyper link to the resource on the respective Swedish parish page (-s).

Steps[edit | edit source]

1. Search websites in Sweden such as:

  • SVAR (click on CD och DVD, left hand side of the homepage 3rd link from the top)
  • Sverige Släktforskarförbund Bokhandel (Nättidningen Rötter)
  • Sverige Släktforskarförbund Länkar (left side of the homepage 5th link from the top)
  • Sverige Släktforskarförbund Landskap (on the Länkar page scroll down to Landskap)
  • Sverige Släktforskarförbund Släkter och Personer (on the Länkar page scroll down past Länder)
  • Swedish Genealogical Society pages. Many of these pages can be found through the FamilySearch Wiki on the County or Province pages. The easiest way is to use the clickable maps for Counties or Provinces on the main Sweden. Click on the County or Landskap you are working in and click on the Genealogical Societies link.
  • Other Swedish genealogical websites can be found if you use the Swedish words, genealogi, släktforskning, släkt, släktträd, or släktregister in a search engine like Google.

2. After you find a good digital resource, identify the scope of the data. How many parishes were included in the database? What years does the data span? If it is a database on c.d. you might want to create a page in the FamilySearch Wiki about the database first. On this page you could describe the locations and the span. Be sure to include a link showing people where they can purchase a copy of the c.d. Although we are helping people to understand a resource, and how to access a resource, the page should not take on a commercial or promotion view. A great example is on Augerum parish, Sweden (see Related Sources under the topic Digital.

3. Sign in on the FamilySearch Wiki. Browse to the respective parish page. This can be done by navigating through the county pages or typing the name of the parish in the search field and clicking on the magnifying glass.

4. Once you are on the parish page, scroll down the page and click on the little edit box out to the right of the Related Sources section.

5. Place your mouse pointer under the word Digital and click once. You should see a blinking cursor. Type the name of the digital resource.

6. To create the link on the parish page you will use the create a link icon. This icon ia link icon is found on the row of icons directly above the edit screen out to the right of word Format: Normal. It looks like a little globe with 2 links of a chain underneath it. Highlight the name of the digital resource. This is done by placing the mouse cursor at the beginning of the word and click down (right click) while moving the mouse accross the rest of the word. 

6.a. Linking to a WikiPage about the digital resource:

After the name of the digital resource is highlighted, click on the create a link icon and a box called "Link" will appear. If you are linking to a page in the FamilySearch Wiki about a digital resource on C.D., type the name of the page in the blank skinny field. When you do that the Wiki will create a list of possible pages to choose from. Choose the right page by clicking on the page name 1 time. After you have clicked on the page name click O.K. Then scroll down and click on "Save page"

6.b. Linking to a digital resource on the internet:

The easiest way to do this is to open the website you want to link to first and have the Wiki page you are working on open in a seperate window. Highlight the name of the digital resource on the Wiki page and click on the on the create a link icon and a box called "Link" will appear. Go back to the digital resource window and copy the URL at the top of the page (the http:// information at the top) and then go back to the Link box and paste the URL into the blank skinny field. Then click "O.K." and then scroll down and click on "Save page".

If you would like to see how this is done, contact the Project Leader for this WikiProject.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Once you click on "Edit" a timer begins a countdown of about 20 minutes. If the countdown times out before you click "Save Page" you will loose your work. To avoid loosing your work:

- Click "Save Page" occasionally

- Copy your work to the clipboard before saving

- Work offline in a program like Word and then paste it into the parish page.

Participating Swedish User Group Members[edit | edit source]

Project Leaders: LarsonW

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Progress Chart[edit | edit source]

The members contributing to this WikiProject will need to decide with the Project Leader how to measure the progress of this project.